Need to let it out... My husband keep saying me not being flexible enough in thinking. He dislike my family.. and I dislike his family.. but I am staying in my parents house. His way of taking care of our lo is different from mine. And he always insist on his way. But I am a stay home mom, so I can have all the time to take care of my lo. I just feel that after having my lo, my relationship with my husband is rocky. Always quarrel about lo or our family members. Sometime I thinking of divorce and live my own life with my lo. But I am a sahm, maybe custody will not be given to me. I really so tired. I starting to be quiet and ignore things that I don't like or don't wish to hear.. and when he is taking care of my lo, I will start to play games so I can totally not care how his way of taking care. His has a big ego and everything I try talking to him end up he will put his thinking into me. Making me think that his way is better. Dam irritating de. No point talking out to such a selfish person. My lo is 2 months plus.

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Focus on yourself and your well being. Dont depend your happiness on people. Choose the high road.