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do you also watch animation movies with your kids? i have never liked them and just fall asleep in the theater. so i stopped going as i think its a waste of money. but my kids feel i don't enjoy spend
I love animated movies! They are so much fun. And if you see the animated movies of today, they seem sooo realistic that you won't feel like you are watching an animated movie like Lion King! Go giv
Usually as far as I have seen men enjoy animated movies alot. You can ask your husband to accompany them and you could join them sometimes so your kids won't feel you are not interested to spend time
I do love animated movies! The best thing you can do is split the movies. Animated ones your husband could take them, you could take them for the non animated ones.
yes I do
Yes. Because it's about the children Deb, and not all about you.
any home remedies to take care of ankle sprain in young kids?
my kid recently suffered an ankle sprain and for the first 2 days i did only ice treatment - i added ice in a clear bag and kept applying it on the affected area. i also applied a simple turmeric a
of late a very weird thing is happening. my neighbour's 16 year old son has started coming to our place and ringing the bell. when i open the door and ask what he wants, he blushes, has nothing to say
This sure sounds funny. Maybe you can talk to him and find out what exactly he wants? I would speak with his parents.
Talk to his parents?
would you intervene if your neighbour hits their child all the time?
hitting a child is definitely not acceptable, but sometimes, before we help, we should try and understand what the parent is going through. it is very normal even for the most loving and caring par
yes i definitely would. i have done it earlier when i saw one of my neighbours relentlessly beating her 2 year old. it was so not acceptable to me. i immediately asked her why she was hitting the c
does your baby pronounce a word in a really funny way?
yes, my baby calls disgusting as 'its gusting' :D
mine pronounces uncomfortable as 'uncomfor-bottle' :)
Are you planning anything special for the dads, I mean your partner, for father's day?
we actually baked a cake at home, where both the kids made the entire cake from scratch, without any help. it was really sweet. they also made cards at home, and in the evening we took daddy out fo
Thinking of joining a gym to tone muscles. Any of you moms have been gymming?
i do go to the gym and mainly do weights and such, which helps with muscle and overall toning. i am not doing any cardio, as my aim is not to lose weight. in addition to the weights i also do some
Do you keep a study schedule even for kindergarten kids?
yes mine daughter is in LKG but she used to study atleast 1 hour.
how often do you guys eat out with kids? we do maybe once in 2 weeks. just curious :)
we eat out maybe once in 2 weeks or so, that too for a small ice cream. otherwise, if its a proper meal, that too is now restricted to about twice a month.
we go out once or twice in a week to have sweets n coconut water, sometimes junk food make u happy wht we feel. so little bit calories its ok for us.. 😜
we used to go out a lot earlier, but of late we barely go out unless absolutely required. i would say that maybe we go out once or twice a month, and there is no calling in either. so yes, we are m
Since, we live with our in laws, eating out is a distant dream for us as they do not like to eat out and then our plan too gets slashed. And if by chance we go out then I am termed as a person who jus
We don't go out often but more often call for food at home, if that too is counted as eating out. It is more like, food not made by mamma but still being eaten at home. Hahaha...
anyone had a gall bladder removal surgery? i had mine last year and feel very full even though i don't eat too much. wanted to know if this is normal
yes, i also had a gall bladder surgery a few years back, and ever since, my digestion has definitely gone down than before. while the gall bladder does not really have that much of a role in digest