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Bad Mum, Kudos to that.

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Love language
What is your child's love language? This doesn't apply just to our children but to every person as well.
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Flying Kiss? Hi 5 to all. Hahaha. Hugs and Kisses to us plus saying Love you 😍
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She loves to hug and she likes to hug people from back!
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Mine is touch, my kid is gifts
My kids' love language is hugs and kisses 😍
My son is not touchy-feely with others aside from me and my husband. However, when he's grown comfortable towards someone, he would touch their face and i think that's how he shows his love for them.
My son's first word is ball. :( not mama or papa.
My daughter too! Her 1st word was ball! And then everyting else like "go there", "papa", "dog, balloon, bubbles"... Until the very end, when i almost gave up, THEN she said mommy on mothers day. That
Mine is 'mun mun'
While my first daughter's first word was dada, my second daughter's first word was mama. Maybe it is nature balancing things out. I know many parents whose kid's first words were not mummy or daddy. N
Great that he is speaking up nothwithstanding of vocabulary. Ball is a more complicated word than normal baby cooing....which may be a good sign too. Just keep encouraging him.
Mine was eeeeeee. we dont even say such words around him.
Authentic Ergo baby 360 used twice. Comes with teething pads unused. I tried it on twice and found it not suitable. Sengkang Asking for $120 only. My loss, your gain.
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can be used from newborn onwards?
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Actual item
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I try so hard to be that "normal" mom/person. When in reality, I'm nowhere near. Simple things like getting out of bed, brushing my teeth and keeping to a routine maybe an effortless thing for you.
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Impressive! There should be a group for this exercise group for moms.
thank you jaxy
Keep it up!!
Thanks Aeryn! :)
Jiayou Ling! Itz not easy! Dun give up ok?! Ur kids need u!
Hey parents, do share with me your thoughts - What's the difference between mental health and mental illness?
Mental health is the measurement of our daily thoughts and whether are we in our usual pink of health state of mind to perform our tasks properly. Mental illness is the unwell stage of human mind for
Thanks Jaxy for sharing
mental health is the state where is health or unhealthy. Thinking of sucide and self harm things are bad mental health. Mental illness to me is where they are unable to control their own thinking
Who says being a mom with a baby means you can't exercise? Having a baby and suffering from a mental illness has made me fight even harder. Even though blending with society is my last priority. I con
Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for me to pop and start working out!
Moms can share with me your facial care routine for those who have. And if anyone is using loreal product?
Minimal routine, have screened the current range of skincare to be free of parabens, retinol. Galactomyces vitamin c toner, minion Lotion and laneige sleeping pack
I use kiehls facial wash Bio oil and mario badescu spray after wiping my face.
Makeup remover, face cleanser, toner, serum, eye serum, ampoule, moisturiser. I use innisfree products :) also, I try to do clay mask once a week. I’m using clay mask from origins
Face wash , toner and moisturizer And once in a week face mask
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Weekly twice scrub pack , wash n moisturiser .. i don’t hv time to go parlours hence will do at home
Baby Bjorn light used. Letting go at $50 only! I have 2 carriers. Prefer my babasling.
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Bumbo chair pink. $20 fast deal sengkang. True to pic.
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At how many months can they start using a bumbo?