I really hate my husband. He always had his own way of caring and teaching baby. His ego is dam high. And he think he always right. I really hate him a lot. I am the main care giver when I try to tell him this or that. He will say is because you do this and baby is spoil. I say to him I am the sahm this is my job to smooth him. He will say then I will hand off both of you. Make me.So sad. He really is a selfish guy.

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It sounds like difference in parenting, which sometimes can be good for the child. May I advise parenting counseling to align both parties? In no way I'm trying to play down your role as a housewife (SAHM) but being too serious can be detrimental to your health and welfare of your son and most important the whole family nucleus. Please allow your husband to find his way in parenting.

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Let him take care of the kids for one day, while you go for some me-time, and he will realize how hard it is taking care of the kids... he's the father, so he cannot be hands off from his kids. But don't take his words so harshly, he doesn't mean it, prob just came out of anger...

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well. I understand how you feel. Then you just tell him to hands off. You been handling the kids, you will know what the kid wants the best! hang in there mummy!

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i totally understand. sometimes men they just talk to much. funny thing is at times i hate my husband too.

it's normal! try to find a consensus. bickering will not be good for bub at all.