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Other then First time mummies, Mummies at 2nd pregnancy onwards. do you feel unbearable as you reach the end? Like 32weeks onwards? can't wait to end it? i don't know how i ensure till 40weeks for my
ok,na yan ako nabahala jan
Ermmmm in-laws went for a holiday and left everything to you? Wow. Superoutstanding. Anyways,you know what it's gonna and soon and by then you will wish baby was back in your tummy again. At least som
Me!!!! Yes I know what you mean. I couldnt stand it also. Really feel like freezing the moment. Take a warm shower and do stretching before you sleep. It really helps.
Mummies who uses TULA, if i am intending to get a standard tula but without the infant insert. usually at how heavy can i start using for my lo?
Do you have an image to see how does a muslin cloth works as an insert?
i started 3 mths plus and used Muslim cloth to place below her butt instead of using insert 🙊 becox they outgrow too fast. insert abit waste money..
usually 5kg and above. Why don't you get the free to grow series?
Any remedies for lower back ache in 3rd trim? Tried all sorts of sleeping position but pillows are out to the topic as i'm still co-sleeping w my #2 so no extra pillows for me.
I second the stretching option. Gentle stretching helped me through my third trimester.
Ling, able to share what stretching you did?
stretching really helped me!
Your welcome! My back aches were really painful during my 3rd trim too
Anyone tried using those daiso travel hot packs?
What are your must have drinks to get during confinement other then red dates longan & water.
Soup and Milo
Soup and Milo
Sounds good enough, and lots of soup and Milo to keep milk supply steady
Milo! Must have for breakfast.. and supper hahaha.
Parents, able to share how you save money? No savings investment plans. i been trying but i just don't seem to get it down. Despite writing or locking it aside
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One way is to get a savings account WITHOUT the ATM card, meaning you link it to one of your current cards - then it'll be hard to spend it :) Another way, is just to get endowment plans I guess! Lit
We put into same kind of education funds that pays not bad dividends once every few months I's all managed by my independent wealth advisor
At the moment my savings goes into OCBC Bonus plus account. while my pay is from DBS. So each month once I get my pay, I have an auto-transfer of 300 into the OCBC account. The good thing about this a
As i cant save too, baby bonus goes to my husband. So i wont touch it.
at the moment I'm putting about 200-300 per month. baby bonus I'll split it too. so let's say I get 2k, 1k goes into savings and the other 1k I'll use to clear bills or take the kids out.
Where do you usually buy your diapers from? Would prefer online. Good deals for pants diapers. Husband is usually the one buying from Msia. But he is away for 2 weeks and im running low!
I bought my first 3 cartons from baby fair. 1 carton newborn, the 2 other are small size. But after that night be buying from qoo10? They always have bundle deals. Hehe
Qoo10! But do compare prices from lazada and ntuc online as well.
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i get from redmart, lazada, shopee.. hahajaj whichever give me better price
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Qoo, Lazada, Shoppe
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Mostly from shopee now. Wait for their sales!
Currently bfing my 19mo by latching. I have the privillage to bring him to work for him thus i am able to latch this long. He will be going to school next year Jan. He is unable to accept bottle
Fm in cups ? Not necessary bottles. Since he is already 19 Mths he may think that bottles are for babies
Is it possible to put the fm into the straw bottles? Maybe this design bottle for fm and the other design bottle for water? What about drinking from cup/sippy cup in the morning or at night or when
When do molars usually erupt?
It varies for every baby. Here's a general guide of a baby's teething timeline: Four to seven months: teething begins Five to seven months: first teeth emerge (usually on the bottom jaw, in the m
About 6 months!
My boy vomited suddenly, twice . Not caused by coughing. What should I do?? 21 months.
You should seek gynae.. maybe he's pregnant
Vomiting in toddlers: What's normal and What's not? Anything from car sickness to indigestion can cause your child to be sick. Even a prolonged bout of crying or coughing can trigger this reflex.
Don't worry a lot. The reason could be as simple as something your boy has eaten that his body didn't quite like. Kids also vomit when they are constipated or haven't passed stools for 3-4 days. Sit d
Common causes of sudden bouts of vomiting are: - viral or bacterial infections (such as gastroenteritis) - cold - urinary tract infection - poisonous substance - ear infection - food allergy
Am I over paranoid? I notice my kids' childcare page have this Bangladesh guy liking photos of the kids. I clicked in to see his profile but notice he is not married & have no kids then why he is in t
Bring it up to the school definitely. It's not wrong/illegal, but it is a worrying thing! But also you never know the full story, maybe he just doesn't upload his family background on Facebook? I a
I think you should contact the childcare and get it removed from any public sharing platform or get the privacy settings to be private/invite only. Because if one bangladesh guy has liked it, many ran
I would definitely bring this matter up to your kids' childcare centre. If the group is sharing pictures of your children, I would say it should be private and by invite only. This stops random peopl
When photos are posted on social media without any privacy settings, they are free for anyone and everyone to view. Not everyone who is married lists themselves as married. For one, my husband doe