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Anyone know where to check my Divorce Status via online???
Do you and your partner share your incomes?
No but more of to share expenses
I'm so done with my in-laws. who in the right mind will come in the room when baby is crying while we're changing baby's clothes and diaper, and say in Chinese 'your dad molesting you huh? your dad ra
Suggest to move out so there is lesser friction. Main focus should always be your baby.

Cheating Friend

My best friend just told she is having an affair. She has no plans to leave her husband or family but she wants to have a child with her lover (and pretend it's her husband). I am beyond disgusted. Sh
Better stay away from such best friends with such low values. As long as you are close to her, there will be plagues of problems and complications that will come into your life because best friends ne
How often do you and your spouse make love in a week?
everyday when I got pregnant 3x a week haha or more or less
What's the most hurtful thing your spouse has said to you?
ung sinabi niya sa akin na hindi daw kanya tong dala dala ko kahit alam niya sa sarili nya na since then and then siya lang ang nakagalaw sa akin
How would you react if you have an unplanned pregnancy even when you are married?
I was afraid. WAS! But eventually I accepted. Kasi nakakatakot ma judge especially if unplanned or may goal ka muna. But its God’s will kasi. So you need to find the right people and prayers lang. Mag


My cousin caught her husband cheating. She has decided to stay with him, solely because of their 1-year-old daughter who has a medical condition and needs all the love and support she can get right no
uhh sorry for your friend. nung wala pa kaming anak, i would totally say na hiwalayan ko talaga if something like that happens to us but now that we have a 1-yr-old, isipin ko pa lang, it will really

cheated on me :(

Hubby just returned from a boys trip in Bintan and I snooped on his phone and found out he hooked up with a bar girl after getting drunk. I am livid and I don't know what to do. Pls advice.
pls talk to your husband. also not being nosy but observe the friends of people he is hanging out with. there are men who are lustful and undisciplined and gets to influence their colleagues.

my cheating Husband wants a divorce

Lately my husb nvr come hm. He keep saying that he is working. There are days that he switch off his hp. No sms or nvr pick up my calls. When i confronted him. I ask him. He keep saying working. I
no point continue. he can said that dont love u and daughter. this kind of guy don't want better.