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What's the most hurtful thing your spouse has said to you?
its been sooo long im sick and tired of you. then he said "i dont mean it"... too bad its ive been told.
What's the sweetest thing your partner has ever done for you?
massage my leg without me asking

did i start it wrong or was it time to do it?

Hi Parents, I have 3 kids, (2 girls - 9 & 7 years old, 1 boy - 1.5 years old). I have always been that protective mum, obsessive mum & probably extra cautious to my girls. I have always remind t
OUH MY GOD I DUNNO WHAT I WOULD SO IF I WERE YOU... this is every mom worst nightmare. hang on there mummy
Whats your take for husband that watches porn? And when confronted, he deny until you show him proof?
nothing worn actually. if i cath my hubs frens exchanging notty vids on wassap. i asked him. am i not enuff. he feel guilty la. then tats it... but boys will be boys. if u want to lighten the air. ask

number of kids

How many kids is ideal
2 boys 2 girls 😂😂😂
I am a SAHM with 2 kids. I left my high pay job to care for my child as we are unable to find a good nanny nor helper and we got no help from our parents. At the beginning, I am still using my own sav
first thing first. kudos for being a supermom to let go of high paying job to take care of kids. thats a huge sacrifice. 2nd. next time ur husband compare u to any other wife... ask him to marry tha

My Pregnancy Story

I've been scrolling through the feeds and seeing many posts about people sharing their stories, so I'm here to share mine - it's been featured by TheAsianParent before too, but I hope it'll be a good
For a marriage to last, what are the 3 most important things needed?
communication. cos if nobody talk to each other... you both wont know what u both need. and u only hv ur hub , hubs hv you. forever. so talk everyday even nothing to talk
Need to ventilate all out. Need a listening ear.. I'm a SAHM starting jan this year looking after my two kids .. 4 & 2 years old . My Husband really hurt my heart when he said that I'm having a good
no joanna u r not being insensitive. its ok to feel what feel. i am a SAHM too starting this yr. infact with three kids. u need to educate your husband its not an easy task. so to teach time that... w
Which is your favourite sex position for confirm orgasm.
on top. like the boss. CEO POSITION