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What is the worse situation of your marriage?
External affair
In law!!
Used to be in laws I guess
When got bullied by in laws and hub sided with them.. 😂😂😂
How many of you checks on their spouse's mobile phone, email, social media accounts?
I do, we both have issues about it...
I do.. Lol coz wen I didn't he was flirting with other ladies
no, I dont
Nope for me

Husband/Wife age gap

Is there an age gap between you and your partner?
3years and 17days!
Yes Am 31 And She is 27
Yes. 5 yrs! :)
Only 2 years gap😊
18 years. ive never been so happy till i met him
Feeling depressed. My in-laws expect a boy from us right from the start. We have 3 girls now. And now that am pregnant again, they think the 4th one for sure is a boy. If it's a girl again, they will
I would let them know that it is their son that determines the sex of the baby
Sorry to say They are stupid And they dont have a right to expect u in this case This is ur life your girls U must tell them in start that who the hell are u to expect boys Its just a gods gift There
Please you don't have to worry your head about that, God gives as He pleases.
Doesn't matter whether u have 4 boys or 4 girls, in-laws are not going to appreciate your efforts and give u a "Best daughter in-law" prize. The end of the day, the day-to-day duties still come bac
Not your fault but hubby's you carry x and hubby carries xy it is what hubby gives you, you produce sis.
Can you have a great marriage without great sex? How about no sex?
You mean to say that you're not satisfied with your partner sexually? Well, you can always talk to your partner about it, discuss your fetish and what arouses you. If you're a woman then maybe you're
People think sex is a bomb Its not Its just a normal thing And both partners should understand their needs When they want What they want So daily Weekly Monthly doesn’t matter
a great marriage relationship with no sex is another term for platonic relationship.
married without sex.....????NONSENSE...!!!lol
Parang mahirap naman yung no sex sis i think once in a while din
I cheated on my wife during third trimester. It was random but i did it twice. Its eating me up! Keeping mum seems like my best option...any thoughts?
You must tell her Otherwise this thing will keep killing u from inside
Please do the right thing and tell your Wife
I hope she randomly cuts your balls off and shoves them down your throat. Just my opinion
Some thoughts that might help : 1) Let the guilt eat you up and repent for the rest of your life knowing the fact that you cheated on her and when she’s kind and nice to you , you’ll feel even more
what made you do that? is there anything that could have prevented it? what im saying is may pagkukulang ba si wifey?
Why does my husband want to make love when I am ill? Is he serious?
Is that his fetish? Maybe he's not aware that you're really not feeling well. Maybe he's that insensitive. Better think of it that way than thinking thay he's a sick old bastard.
That’s weird and painful for you
Talk to him
Tell him to jack off instead.
Would you be offended if your hubby let his business partner (lady) stay in your house for 2 wk?
Unless she's also my friend. There are lots of airbnbs everywhere, can't fathom why she has to stay on your house unless she's broke or something.
Yes both of them would be murdered.
not at all.. if there’s something weird going on he wouldn’t let his partner stay with you
Yes that’s weird
Yes definately .. sg got air bnb , she can stay there
Do you think you married 'the one'? Do you ever have doubts?
not even a single doubt
right man. wrong family lol
I think today with the increase in options we think we can have the best of everything. If ‘the one’ can tolerate you, support you and love you. You are lucky.
Can you forgive your spouse who has lied to u for 4 years or even more, only told the truth after much interrogation.
depends on what issue he lied about
I can say, It will depend on the situation,
I personally would not. But it’s a case by case basis
being lied to for many years is the worst thing ever!a spouse break your trust and to fix this isnt going to be easy.
not sure, depending on the intensity of lies. Am not sure what lies cud tht be that took several yrs.