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Breastfeeding mum here. just tried having Sex with hubby but I am really damn dry (horny but dry). I have tried lubricant but it doesn't really help. (Using Durex). Any advice for me on how to increas
does your husband ever try to kiss and lick ur miss v..
My husband insists that men can only physically go on with no sex (or masturbation) for a maximum of 3 days. Is this true?
Men will say all they want Lol. I don't think there's any scientific proof 🤔

Do children pick up their parents’ values?

Parents hope that children will grow up with the right values they inculcate. But there is always a lingering worry: what if they do not? I hope this blogpost will set you thinking about values. If it
Hope is always better than no hope, isn't it? Perhaps parents can ask when is it that kids start to deviate and not listen? As kids grow older, they begin to form their own opinions based on what they


Coach or plane to Genting?
There's no plane to Genting, unless you fly to KL, stay a few days, then take a coach to Genting for the rest of your trip:) enjoy!

Fertility Check Up

Any recommendation for fertility check clinics and the cost. Thanks in advance
You can enquire at parkway hospital and Mount Alvernia. They have fertility clinics.
Would your choose to spend extra $1000/mth or save that amount and stay with in laws?
depending on the relationship and closeness

Husband/Wife age gap

Is there an age gap between you and your partner?
we are 7 years diff

my cheating Husband wants a divorce

Lately my husb nvr come hm. He keep saying that he is working. There are days that he switch off his hp. No sms or nvr pick up my calls. When i confronted him. I ask him. He keep saying working. I
be strong. we are here for you
Would you be offended if your hubby let his business partner (lady) stay in your house for 2 wk?
of course la.
I am very curious... if husband earn more than wife, should he contribute more money to the family?
Yes I feel He should . Especially when more expenses are on kids then the more he should contribute if he able to . If not discuss with him what’s the reason behind that he can’t ?