Exercise In First Trimester

I'm anxious abt doing yoga even though my gynae said resume everything as normal. I'm just afraid my baby was too fragile and whenever I do certain poses might harm the baby. Does anyone experience or does yoga even though in their first trimester

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you can do exercise as normal as long your body can go. listen to your body. stop when you're tired. if you scared, just do the simple move or in moderate way. me myself love to go to the gym very much but since i have severe morning sickness, i cant even do simple workout and easily worn out. now i enter my 2nd trimester, im getting better, and i start to workout again. i feel energize if i workout. just listen to your body.

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Hi ive started doing yoga when i was 6w till now but i do it twice a week maximum only then the rest i just swim and do light stretching at home with help from my hubby... u shouldnt worried much, if u feel uneasy or something is wrong, u can just straight away go to the doctor, coz they know better.. Exercising while ur pregnant is very good for u and the baby.. Enjoy ur pregnancy and be happy!!

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Saya join coaching tentang pregnancy.. Apa apa jenis exercise tak apa ja buat.. Jangan buat yang berat ja.. Yang penting dapat keluarkan peluh, ok. Yang paling penting untuk penjagaan diri dan baby tu dari segi pemakanan.. Jaga pemakanan, tak adalah masalah ibu dan anak.

Hi Nana, Act it depends on the your body and your pregnancy. If you are prone to yoga, do search for 1st trimester post coz not all post are safe for your pregnancy.

Im doing my exercise twice a day. Routine that suitable for me with 10 weeks pregnant. And that routine will change when I'm in 2nd & 3rd trimester. U know u body better 😉

Hi. Your baby is very safe in your uterus, having a protective covering of amniotic fluid to cushion the shocks! As long as you are comfortable, please continue doing yoga.

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Kalau dah biasa buat yoga, teruskan macam normal.. Tapi kalau rasa certain pose tak selamat, tak perlu buat.. Buat yg sis rasa okay & selamat.. You know your body better 😊

I mengalami kesusahan Dalam pernafasan, macam tak cukup oksigen, asyik kena tarik kuat untuk nafas, tak dapat baring

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kndungan sy 11w 6day. sy pun sm susah nak tdr wktu mlm. selalu trjaga awal sbuh jam 4 smpai ke pagi. perut rs krg selesa time ms nie. tp pekara biasa. sbb baby dlm proses membsr. jnji tak mengalaminya skt yg trover sgt dan keluar drh. klau 2 tnda tu brlaku.cpt2 g klnik yg trdekat.

Can do yoga. But watch out, when it comes to last trimester. Sebab your relaxin hormone is so high at that time. Meaning to say, you are way flexible than usual

i did my exercise at 4 weeks. a few hours later i got bleeding. thank goodness my baby is safe. it depends on your body. hope you will have safe delivery