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Disagreements with toddler!

We are trying to raise an assertive child. However, that means that the toddlers an opinion about everything he uses, inclusing nappies! For instance, we get 2 different designs in the diaper pack. He
For things like the designs on diapers, I think you could just explain why there's different designs and that they all serve the same purpose! They are a lot smarter and intuitive than we think, so yo

Toddler has developed fears

My 2 yo has suddenly developed a fear for strange noises. He thinks it is a mouse, and rushes to close the door leading to a passage in our flat. How to get rid of this fear? We never talk of any mo
i helped mine to overcome by being friends with the thing. mine started to develop fear for cats. i told her how the cat feels and cat would love her to be gentle. i also told her that the cat can be
Mums and dads, hypothetical fun qn. if your baby were to say 'Convfefe" what would it mean?
Ha ha. Is there some food that someone is is having that is close to the sound of it? Like coffee ?
I want to take ~100 oz fbm to India for a trip with my baby. Any tips?
Have you check with the airlines of bringing FBM on flight? You would need to calculate the journey of flight and the duration to travel to the airport. Secondly, you would need to get a styrofo
Any baby manual to read before the kiddo arrives? Do's and don'ts, troubleshooting, answers to common questions? Thanks!
To hard and fast rules. You can read up online or chat with people with experiences. Many a times, people with experiences will provide you with better information than books as they are real li
My wife has just entered the third trimester. Would you have any suggestions for her overall well-being? Also, what would be an ideal midnight snack?
What I would suggest is to be sensitive and reassuring. She may start worrying more about the weight gain and become more conscious of her growing bump. Continue to shower her with hugs and kisses and