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sign of labour???

hi mommies. im so worry right now. i got the pains and symptoms that similar to the sign of labour but im only 32 weeks. the problem is, im confuse alot because i never been there yet. since my last
Maybe braxton hicks. I honestly don't know what braxton hicks feels like 😂. But I know real contraction, rasa sakit tu kerap. Sakit pinggang every few minutes, sakit dia mcm pressure, bkn pedih2 tu.

wash n pack or not to wash n pack.

hi mommies! i want to know how early you guys prepare the baby stuffs? for labour room n at home? for labour room, when is the right time to pack? do you wash the clothes and pack as soon as all the
Hi dear... i done all stuff u had stated above during my 37 weeks. I washed all her clothes and then pack it up, clean up my room as well including major cleaning -clear all the dusk.. to me, that tim

welcoming the 3rd trimester

who's just entering the 3rd trimester? getting more anxious and more bigger and wider and also rounder. we can do it. take care to all mommies out there! listen to your body. take a good rest and ta
me 🙋🏻 30weeks 3days

im just sharing.

now im getting on my frequent urination period. i woke up almost 5 times at night. very tiring. i have to wake up early in the morning to make my daughter's breakfast and lunch box. this week i've bee
Same feelings

lay on the back

i was wondering about this long ago. many said that pregnant women cant sleep on their back because can effect the baby and even the mommy herself. but how about the mommy lay on the back to take a r
oksigen lambat sampai pada baby especially bila kandungan dah besar.

just curious

can mommies share the weight of your baby during your 24 weeks?
Mine was 1.2kg ☺️☺️☺️