theAsianparent Community Rules

(Last updated on 26th February 2021)

Hi, fellow parent! We are so happy for you to join us on this journey through parenthood!

We welcome and encourage mums and dads (or soon to be parents) to reach out to one another and share tips and advice based on their personal experiences. We advocate fair, non-judgmental, safe, and supportive parent-to-parent feedback, no matter the parenting issue.

In order for our community to maintain a supportive and positive environment, please make sure to observe the following guidelines:

1. No bullying, name calling, and use of abusive words or rude remarks.

We won't tolerate it. Period.

Parenting is tough enough and there is no one size fits all. Keep an open mind and a supportive heart. Be respectful of each other. If you disagree with someone, express yourself nicely, if not nicely, with respect. This also means no typing in all caps as it indicates shouting.

Violators will be given three (3) warnings against abusive behaviour. On the third warning, violators will not be able to access the app for twenty-four (24) hours.

If there are violations which we deem as serious, we may exercise our discretion to terminate your access to our application, in accordance with our terms and conditions. Please read our terms and conditions for the full list of the conduct that we prohibit to create a safe space for all!

If you feel that a user is behaving in a manner that violates the guidelines, flag the user's post or comment by tapping the top right corner where three (3) dots are located. A drop down menu will appear and all you need to do is tap “REPORT USER”.

You may also email us at [email protected] to address your concerns.

2. Refrain from using fabricated accounts and aliases

Our audience and users are here to seek genuine and reliable advice from fellow parents. Using your personal account and genuine name assures us of your sincerity to be a positive and supportive member of our community.

Names with titles such as Dr and Prof will be removed unless proof of expertise (e.g. medical diploma) is provided.

Users with suspected aliases will be notified via email to either provide proof of accuracy or authenticity of their username or change their name according to what’s on their official ID (e.g. passport, driver’s license). Otherwise, users will not be able to redeem their app rewards and contest prizes if their first and last names and email addresses do not match their profile on theAsianparent app.

3. Advertise new and used pregnancy and kiddie items ONLY on the Buy & Sell page.

We are here to support, laugh and cry with each other as we meander our way through the topsy-turvy journey of parenting. What we are not here to do is to meander through endless non-parenting related ads or posts.

All buy and sell posts outside of the Buy & Sell page (which is located in the Community Topics section) will be automatically removed, and offenders will be removed from the group. Take note: we only allow selling of pregnancy and child related goods, new or used.

We do NOT allow selling or giving of any medicines on our services! New, old or even if you have extra, it may be best to consult your doctor first about how best to discard these. They should not be given away or sold on this platform.

You can also report posts that violate the rules by tapping the REPORT option from the drop down menu, which you can locate by tapping the three dots on the top right corner of the post.

4. No advertising of services or events will be allowed unless approved by theAsianparent team.

Kindly email us at [email protected] if you would like to post your service or event on our app.

5. Photos is solely for sharing positive family memories

Feel free to post photos of your baby bump or your cute baby in our Photos section!

But please don't post poopy diapers, pictures of vomit or discharge-drenched underwear in our Photos section. Post these types of photos instead on the Community section under the appropriate Topic group (e.g. Baby, Just Mums) and tag them as NSFW or Not Safe for Work to warn users against the sensitive nature of the photo.

Warning! Users who post sexually explicit photos especially of children will be removed and banned from using the app, and reported immediately to the local authorities.

If you catch a user posting a photo that violates the guidelines, please report the user by tapping the “REPORT USER” option from the drop down menu, which you can locate by tapping the three (3) dots on the top right corner of the post. You can also email us at [email protected] to report offensive posts

6. theAsianparent Cares About Your Family's Safety Against COVID-19

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a pandemic in January 2020, we at theAsianparent have been working hard to keep our community safe by ensuring they have access to accurate information and limiting their exposure to false information.

Here's an overview of how we ensure this:

  1. We protect our community against those who perpetuate the spread of false information;
  2. Our aim is to provide parents with a safe, supportive and caring community and environment during this time. To this effect, we are actively policing user-generated content (UGC)*, and flagging and removing any objectionable content* that refer to the virus, redirecting users instead to global health authorities (WHO), as well as to the local government health ministry; and
  3. Before accessing the app, users are required to accept the app's terms of use and/or user policy before creating or uploading UGC.

In the same way we address any objectionable content in our community, this is how we address violators and prevent the spread of false information related to the virus:

  1. If a member of our community attempts to share any content or post (including but not limited to questions, answers, images and/or videos, links, hashtags) related to COVID-19, it is automatically picked up by our in-house moderators, and the app user is prevented from posting it. Following this, the user receives a prompt that directs them to WHO and local government health websites; and
  2. We allow users to flag objectionable content, prompting our moderators via email to review the flagged content to approve or reject the content.

What is considered objectionable content regarding COVID-19:

  1. Selling of PPE, including but not limited to protective clothing and footwear, masks, helmets, goggles, and goggles;
  2. Asking for donations on behalf of frontliners and businesses and communities affected by the pandemic - we shall instead direct users to their local government hotline;
  3. Posting misleading Social Media posts; and
  4. Posts which involve spreading rumours and fake news.

7. Remember: We are parents, not doctors

We are all parents on the same journey of trying to get enough sleep and trying to help out one another by sharing our experiences. So make sure to thank, appreciate, and value one another’s opinion. In the same vein, we also encourage you to consult with a doctor or specialist to make sure that any anecdotal advice you receive from users is supported by an expert.

We provide our users with a safe space where they can discuss, read or view content on parenting, pregnancy and birth, food, baby care, lifestyle, travel, fitness, beauty, wellness, and fashion. They also have the option of connecting with other parents on our app to ask questions and receive advice about all matters related to raising healthy, happy and confident children.

We are not a health authority; we are a content and community platform for parents.

We also need you to refrain from giving medical advice to your fellow users, and not claim to have any special medical expertise (unless you really do!).

These guidelines may be changed and revised without notice by theAsianparent Team. Your continued use of our services will be deemed as consent by you to any changes made. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Cheers to raising happy, healthy, and confident kids!

—theAsianparent Team