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Is it okay to drink milo for pregnant women?
Just tested through a home pregnancy test and the faint line on the indicator says so. But I just got married and I know my hubby wants to concentrate on building his career. He did say he do not want
Have a talk with your hubby, im sure he’ll still be happy with the pregnancy. Anyway having a baby won’t hinder him not to have a career. He can have both 😊
For ladies who have delivered - what's the first 24 hours after you deliver in the hospital like?
i was lost and in a daze 🤣


Is keep feeling nauseous, giddy consider as morning sickness? For those mummies that don’t digest well during pregnancy, how will you sooth yourself from the situation? Ate in afternoon but keep feel
Yes. Feeling nauseous and giddy are morning sickness symptoms. Some of us take sour stuff to feel better or put medicated oil on our nose, throat and chest. But each person/pregnancy is unique. You ju
How early can you catch on that you're pregnant? What are are signs and symptoms to look out for? Whats the earliest sign to notice?
It's different for everyone. Some show symptoms as early as 1 day while some there are no signs at all!
Mummies, is it normal for the c-section scar to itch 9 months after surgery, and pain when I do stretching?
yes. its normal. mine too itch
We have one daughter who is now almost seven years old. My husband and I were very happy with just having one child, but are now really feeling that we want one more baby. The problem is that he is 42
my mom had her 7th baby during her 40's. many people said having baby in your 40's is not good. some relative asked my mom to di abortion, some of them said its going to be end soon, alot of bad thing

Constant round ligament pain at 19 weeks

Common or need to alert doctor?
Yup I get it with every pregnancy it’s the worse!! I have noticed having a belly band does help some. Doctor might prescribe you with some relaxants to sleep better at night.

When can know baby movement?

Now I am at 19 Weeks+ 3 days, however, I didn’t feel any kick or movement from baby. Is it normal or is it due to my first child so that I don’t know?
Maybe it’s your first child, so still can’t feel yet. Think most first time mummies feel the first movement around 20/21 weeks? Can check with your gynae if you’re worried.

Delivery room companion

Hubbies in the delivery room - yay or nay?