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Pregnant? Congrats! Discuss your cravings, anxieties, doctors, diets, and anything related to pregnancy here.

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If you named your children after your pregnancy cravings - what would their names be?
Is it okay to drink milo for pregnant women?
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Is it safe to eat cheese during pregnancy?
Yes but dont too much
Which vegetable is best to consume in order to increase blood supply in the body? I am 3 months pregnant and anaemic.
Red Spinach 🤤 a chicken’s heart 😅 and some that icy or juicy cold....maybe?? 😂
What are the things that induce labour?
Actually we never know when , why and what make it us (mommies) being an induce 😕
When shld i go for first check up after getting positive hpt? Found out at week 4(assumed), but i think is only week 3... How much is e fee for first check up? how soon wil u tell ur hubby abt it?
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I didn’t dare to tell my then boyf about it once I find out too. So I left the kit on the toilet basin and he saw it himself. Had my first check up at week 3 cause I was bleeding Badly and cramping.
How early can you catch on that you're pregnant? What are are signs and symptoms to look out for? Whats the earliest sign to notice?
A week after my last period, I started craving for Soursop milk shake and started hating white rice 😂 I experienced vomitting, diarrhea and dizzyness every single day. took me 5 weeks to ask my hubby
Has your belly button popped yet?
noticebly yes!
What's your first symptoms before knowing you are pregnant?
feel dizzy...less appetite...