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Anyone has etopic pregnancy before? I have a friend just had a surgery and one of the tube has been removed. Will it affect her future chance to get pregnant with only 1 tube?
Ako po natanggal po left fallopian tube. Then after 3yrs nagtry kami ulit ngayong 2018 january. Ayun s awa ng diyos sobrang happy 9weeks pregnant n po ako thanks god ☺️

whats app group

any mummies due on nov 2018 keen to join whats app group can contact me.
Anyone have experience with Dr Tan Kai Lit of KKH? Able to share more?
I had a really good experience with the person that took care of me.I won't forget his name (Dr.Tan Kai Lit). Recently Sept2018, he was the one who did my major operation(hyterectomy) because of the h

home remedy for sore throat and cough

hi, i am in my early stage of pregnancy and have been having cough for the past 3 weeks. Doctor didnt want to prescribe me any medicines tho. is there a home remedy I can try?
If it has been a persistent cough for more than 3 weeks, please see the doctor again. However, if it has come and gone, use lemon in hot water - it has the same effect as of a cough syrup.
Mummies, is it normal for the c-section scar to itch 9 months after surgery, and pain when I do stretching?
Sometimes my scar itches too! So I guess it's normal. My baby's 7mos now. I just apply coconut oil to moisturize it.


Is it normal to be tired during pregnancy?
Yes definitely! Especially during the first trimester. I would suggest to attend pregnancy seminar to learn more about pregnancy milestones and preparing for parenthood. There is an upcoming seminar
How early can you catch on that you're pregnant? What are are signs and symptoms to look out for? Whats the earliest sign to notice?
Around 5 weeks for me because I missed period, I felt bloated and nauseous at times.

Nutritions for pregnant

What nutrition do pregnant ladies most need?
Start consuming Anmum for expecting moms!!!!


I am 11 weeks pregnant and my stomach is blotted. Is it normal? Any home remedies?
Yes it is normal. Ginger water or even sipping plain warm water through the day can help. However if there is any discomfort you may want to go see a doctor
How many years is the gap of your kids?
my 1st is 14 yrs old now a girl and now i am 11 weeks pregnant...