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What are some fruits to avoid during pregnancy first trimester?
The “cold” fruits such as watermelon, pineapple etc
What fruit pregnancy mum should not eat?
Pineapples... papaya
i was told not to eat pineapple and papaya, cus it can make miscarriage but i dont know but yes im avoid from eat those fruit. you should refer to your doctor also.
I ate durian don’t understand why no no No pineapples All else should be ok
Most believe no pineapples esp in the 1st trimester but a dietician once told me, you have to eat 7 whole pineapples to have any adverse effect on you & baby. Durian is a no no for some cos it's very
How many weeks pregnant were you when you found out you were pregnant?
7 weeks
End of 4 weeks. But confirmed in 5 weeks!
17 weeks. I hardly showed any signs!
6 weeks!
When did you make your first visit to the gynae? Which week of pregnancy were you in?
if your water bag bursts or leaks, do u go hospital straight away or wait out for frequent contractions ?
My gynae advise is go straight to hospital
I guess yes. You have to
Go to the hospital
that's my worry too. what will happen to me without my mom? I don't want to give birth on the way or at home.
your water will leak out if you don't and its not good for the baby
May I know if it is normal for women to have darker skin at the areas of armpits, inner thighs, etc during pregnancy? What can we do about it? Thanks.
Same here dear
yes, all the line become darker, and there will be a line below ur belly button callled linea nigra
very normal duting pregancy and after pregancy.
Yes because of hormone change. But will fade away months after delivery.
Any mummy feel more tired during 2nd pregnancy? I'm only 6 weeks pregnant and I feel really really tired..
Me 20 week pregnancy feel too tired... With currently no. 6
I am almost 18 weeks now and the tiredness is still real for me
Being pregnant is tiring, its normal
I'm almost 4 months pregnant and feeling exhausted and sleepy most of the time.
Is well

When to do ultrasound

How long should I wait for my first ultrasound? I am 10 weeks pregnant?
They will do the scan on your 1st visit itself
I'm at 16 weeks and already had scan 4 times.
Canada 8 weeks then 20 weeks
Me too did on my 7th week
12 weeks in my country I got one at 6 weeks due to spotting
Anyone have remedy to increase amniotic fluid?
Drink more coconut water. But must eat the coconut flesh as well cos coconut water is cooling.
coconut water/ watermelon juice
Watermelon juice. 😍
Sleep on yr left..drink alot of water and dont stress
I had a similar problem during my pregnancy. You need to drink a lot of water and fluids. I used to eat a lot of watermelons as they have high water content. You might also want to do some easy exerci
Hi ladies, will we gain lots of weight during the 3rd tri? I've put on about 15kg already :( How do we control the weight gain, if that's even possible??
I'm on 2nd trimester and I already gain 4 kilos .
Yes. I gained a few kg. Currently at trimester 3.
Yes. I heard will gain 0.5-1kg per week. (I don’t know if that ‘s even possible, but I remember seeing it somewhere) I am trying to control too. 😞
Hi Melissa, try to go easy with the food esp sweet stuff since it may lead to gestational diabetes esp if there's family history of it. Weight gain is pretty normal, some even put up to 20kg, but it's
Thanks, Gabriella.. im trying hard to resist chocolates for now haha... and hoping to go back to some running. Guess i'll have to get clearance from my gynae about that.