Sleep Troubles

I have been struggling with insomnia for a couple of months. It is really hard for me to fall to sleep. But once I sleep it is hard for me to wake up. So any tips on getting to sleep sooner?

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Keep any digital equipment and your phone away from the bedroom. Don’t use them from half hour to an hour before you go to sleep. Another option is to listen to sleep music which induces sleep. This should relax you and put you to sleep

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Have you ever try use lavender essential oil? I feel it is very good for relaxing and calming... Make sure you get the pure if not if you end up get headache... I could recommend you use dōTerra brand. Let me know if you interested.

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On top of that maybe can try to play some relaxing music.. to help you relax.

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Try some breathing exercises. What works for me is keeping the room cool and dark. Then breathe in for 8 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds. Repeat over and over again.

Lolx. I have the same exact problem. My hub tried with some relaxing music n lullaby n it works. At tines i would give my palms n feet some massage n that helps too

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I am also same like u , hence I started workouts after 8pm then do light dinner , warm water bath helps me a lot .. u als can try


Try the App called Calm ... lots of relaxing meditation music and calming and soothing sounds of nature to induce you to sleep

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Try reading a book before bedtime. Stay away from gadgets , play some soft soothing music and no caffeine after 3pm

No phone 1 hr before bed is quite true. Looking at phone makes it harder to fall asleep. Reading book is good too

That is my concern too. Maybe let's jio for a drink. Haaa... Well actually some reading does help me though.

I look up sleep meditation on youtube and it puts me to sleep within five min