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What Time Do You Sleep
Are you still using your phone and not sleeping? How many of u do that? I admit I am victim of digital age. 😅
Sometimes 1am or 2am... 🤭 Of cos I'll be a zombie the next day. But when else can I have my me time? After work rush home for the kids, dinner, shower, make them sleep, do a little bit housework...
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Good to know I'm not alone ... I do try and control my usage time though😝
Unless I'm super tired , I don't sleep before 1pm 😂
I turn off phone then meditate before I sleep
What's the best cure for PMS? Symptoms like back pain, migraine, mood swings. I tried exercise, aromatherapy, massage....but anything that can prevent or eradicate. Every month so sick.
Try relaxing yourself and rest more
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Most important try and relax and get some rest. Maintain a well balanced diet helps too
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back ache can try professional prenatal massage. migraine - drink more water and rest more.
Pregnant After 40
Anyone Gave Birth After 40 Year Old? How Did you Feel?
My experience was good and really blessed to have a baby stay happy and relax and take care
Hey, It is little challenging given the age but with proper consultation and care, it should be fine
It has its pros and cons
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Hi... you might find this article informative
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It might be more challenging as 40 is considered a lil late
How Many Kids Do you Want
How many kids do you want to have?
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Two is good
3 kids
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Want 4 hahahaha!. But sg too ex. 2 will be alright😂😂😂
Late Pregnancy
Anyone gave birth to baby after 40 year old? Care to share your experience, things to note or any challenges? Thanks
I have fren who give birth nearly 40. Everything is good. Just be a happy mom
Mentally & physically challenging! Didn't go for any further tests on baby except for the anomaly test. Thankfully no GD and other major problems while carrying my 3rd baby. The only issue was the hor
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I have a few friends who had their babies after turning 40. As long as your general health is okay and you take good care of yourself and manage your stress, everything will be fine.
Biggest challenge is lack of energy as your child grows up😊
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Yes I heard one of my frnds frnds given birth after 40.. but it’s kind of challenge to them as well ..
Points Redemption
Hi anyone redeemed anything with your points? Food items, vouchers, facials etc. What is good? Thanks in advance for sharing.
Ntuc voucher!
NTUC and Grab vouchers. If you want to know what is good for lo can see their baby products or if have bigger kids can redeem trick eye museum tickets :)
Yes. Redeemed the nb stuffs for the upcoming little one! 😝 Save some $ on nb items imo.
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Not yet
ntuc! :)
Does Your Skin Change During Pregnancy
Hi anyone has pigmentation on face due to pregnancy? Or any changes in skin conditions?
Pimple scar marks will take really Long to fade! So refrain from popping pimples! 😣
Yes skin type totally changed.. From combi to normal dry
Yes, when I pregnant my face look different too.
Skin getting itchy
Slimming Down
Anyone Successfully Lose Weight At Slimming Centres?
Don't trust slimming centres. Diet and exercise works best
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It won’t work at all .. better u join aerobics .. most of the places in sg Fitclub classes r going on , I have joined in it in few months I hv lost 6kgs .. I was not strict abt food or else I may loos
Everybody's body is different, but as long as you watch what you eat and exercise, you're good to go. Cut out processed food (canned food, marinated packaged food, packaged food), eat food in their or
My friend tried and not successful because she was inconsistent.. For me I think just watch my diet and exercise will do
If you want to slim down fast try pole dancing. It strengthens your entire body's muscles and helps you to lose weight fast
Any Good And Safe And Affordable Place For Staycation Nearby? What About In Singapore?
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Hi... you can try some of the hotels recommended in this article
Which One Would You Spend On Frequently If U Can Only Choose 1?
Luxury bags Facials Hair styling Massage
Massage! I need one now 😆😆
Massages are great, but don't forget spending time in the gym to build up strength.
I would go for massages. Beacuse mainly they make me feel relaxed and stress free
Is holiday an option? :'D If not, massage. Because massage has a lot of benefits to health :)
massage... need to release the tension of baby caring.