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hub give massage?

Does your hub gives you massages during your pregnancy?
Yes. But not on the soles... :)
Yes. legs & shoulders
Nope, he scare 😂 but I also scare.
Yess. It helps

who is priority?

Are you your hub's priority? Or is the baby the priority?
Both at different times
Both are top priority


I was looking at Enfamil, it seems to have a few available, purple, blue and pink . I dont know which to go for. Anyone here can share which one you bought ?
Purple is for baby with allergy, like my Son with eczema. Else pink is the normal one. I have purple one for sales if you are keen.
Hi... the different colors are for different stages; pink is for 6 months and above, orange is for 1 to 3 years....
Pink - normal Purple - sensitive Blue - more for those with spit up issue eg

diaper cream?

One tube diaper cream 115g can last for how long ar?
Lol depends on how much u use right?????
Depends on usage??
Mine lasted pretty Long
I Guess we rarely used it, if rashes persists.. hence it lasts Long
Depends on usage. Most probably will last between 4 to 8 months

newborn diapers

Is it true that newborn can use up to 10 to 12 diapers a day?
Yup. Every 2-3 hours have to change diaper.
Newborn babies soil more diapers in comparison to older babies. Therefore, if your baby is under one month of age, then you can expect to change 6 to 10 diapers per day. Around this age, your baby may
About there
8-10 i heard

c sect go via GA or epidural?

C sect via GA or epidural ? Which one better?
Spinal anaesthesia
Mine was epidural, it was very fast just 10 minutes after they injected the epidural I could hold the baby already while they stitch me up :). No back pain so far. Shivering yes but it's just annoying
I had GA emergency c sec. Still able to hold baby after giving birth together with hubby. Hubby was with me all he way.
Opting for GA. Epidural still can feel the tugging etc

pushy gynae clinic

Is your gynae clinic very pushy? The assistant is always promoting on buying stuffs from their clinic
Not pushy, only recommend whata needed and up to us to purchase.
Not at all! My doctor was Dr Poon King Fu. he is very friendly and knowledgeable! His staff also very friendly and helpful too!
Nope. Got a lot of products to buy from gynae meh? I thought it is just the usual prenatal vitamins and fish oil.
No.. mine not pushy at all. TMC

how many c sect binder ?

How many c sect binder should we have? Is one enough?
I had one
If you intend to wash it then two...
Yes good enough
I got myself 2, incase need to wash..

last leg and still cooking?

Anyone still cooking at week 38 ?
No I don’t
I stopped cooking when i knew i am pregnant. I get my mum to cook for me n hub
Yes, still cooking
I still cooked at week 38. :)
Yes, been cooking although my legs and back hurts real back but beats sitting down doing nothing

fav breakfast menu

Pregnant mummies, can share whats your fav breakfast menu?
McDonald's sausage muffin
Milk n bread
Egg prata
Kaya toast, oats, eggs, fruits