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newborn keeps vomitting
My newborn keeps vomitting. Is there any milk formula that ismore suitable?
It's best to visit the doctor to diagnose your baby
yaolan - baby cradle
How many months old baby can start sleep in cradle ? Must be 3months onwards ?
Hi! If you didn't start using from the beginning, don't see the need to start using after 3 months.. just an advice, since i heard it's really hard to stop using....
Hey, I believe baby can sleep in cradle in daytime when they are of 3 months. Gradually the habit can be developed for making sleep in cradle at night time as well
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I let my LO slpt in yaolan in the daytime. Nap abt 1hrs
Mine slept in it from 3mths old until 7mths then he doesnt want to sleep in it anymore.
I never let them sleep in Yao lan
how to cope with sleepless nights?
How do you cope with sleepless night ? Newborn kept waking up at night, almost every 1 hour... help?
Baby slp, u slp.. it will get better slowly :) mine was a cluster feeder.. latch 1hr, slp 1hr.. so I slp when LO slp.. slowly it goes up to 1.5hr to 2hr.. slowly but surely, u can have alittle more sl
You need to train yourself to sleep when lo sleeps. Get help in the day for someone to look after your lo so you can catch up on sleep Too
Mine too but no w he wakes up 3hrly. I let him slp together on my pillow and he slps peacefully only wakes up for milk at 3hrly when before this he will wake up every 1-2 hrs.
It's a phase and will be gone soon..Try to sleep when baby is sleeping
Hey Mum, I would suggest best is to sleep when the baby is sleeping. Also, it would really help if you get a helper. Will give you more time to relax
weight loss on breastfeeding
Been breastfeeding for a month, my weigh still dont seem to go down. I eat jus normal meals without snacking... mm anyone can share their experience?
What kind of food do you eat for your meals?
how to increase milk production?
How to increase milk production?
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Adequate fluid intake, eating more rice and nursing my baby on demand give me enough milk!☺️
Try adding more fenugreek, garlic to your diet
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Drink more liquids, eg milk, soup. Fish, chickpeas, supplements etc
1. Drink more water 2. Take more fish go to wet market tell auntie for bm they will intro you 1 fish hokkien call "Gor Hee" 70 plus 1 fish. 3. After latching pump. Body work in supply and demand. 4. I
Make sure that baby is nursing efficiently. Nurse frequently, and for as long as your baby is actively nursing. Take a nursing vacation. Offer both sides at each feeding. Switch nurse. Avoid pacifiers
when to start tummy time?
When to start tummy time?
2-3 months would be a good time
3 months
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3-4 months onward when they can lift up their head
From 3 months onwards
3 months onwards is good
ucler in newborn
How to treat newborn ucler? My 3weeks old newborn got ucler how to treat?
Go pd. Dont self medicate
second CL
My second CL came and she is always on her ipad watching movie.. 😂😂 Guess having CL is need close both eyes
I think you should talk to her or change a new CL
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Whhuuttt... you should talk to her if she goes overboard!
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Ops, getting CL nowadays is like playing lucky draw. If she is too over, suggest you to talk to her if doesn't work then request to change CL. Getting a CL is not cheap, you shouldn't deserve lousy se
Previously I didn’t have good experience with my CL too, in the end told the agent that I don’t want any CL from them anymore despite changing... getting from bad to worst.... So the last week of con
If is too over... U can let her know
baby sleeping with CL
When u let your baby slep with CL, how would you be sure baby is in good hands ?
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Make sure the door is kept ajar.
pem cl
I told my PEM CL tonight i will be taking care of my baby, she looks so happy. My hub has feedback to me that he sensed that CL isnt very happy about doing night duties, despite the long hours ive giv
May I know which agency u hire from?
Hope the next one is better...all thebest
Oh dear. Hope the next Cl Will be better! Rest well mommy :)
Hope the next one will be good!! All the best mummy and have a good rest