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May i know at what age can you give a child sashimi?
Got various feedback from friends and colleagues. Some gave their kids raw salmon when their child was 2...
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Don't think I will give since I don't like sashimi myself..
My son started at 6/7 years
Maybe when reach teens. Not now definitely
I wouldn’t give... until when they are grown up and want to eat it themselves
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I wouldn't give children raw food at all. Even I as an adult have reservations eating raw food as I've had food poisoning before from improperly cooked food, even in a really super atas >$100 per meal
Prudential Carnival
It has been years since I last went to a carnival. We finally found time to hop down to the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival recently. It brought back many childhood memories for me (anyone remember the
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The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival!?
I am not one for scary, heart-stopping rides, but boy, did we have loads of fun at tHe Prudential Marina Bay Carnival! From enjoyable rides to watching others scream their lungs out on the thrilling r
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looks like your LO had an amazing time.