I have a hard time trying to find comfort to sleep during night time? Is it normal to feel this way? Any tips on how to sleep better?

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Yup its normal to face discomfort especially towards the end of the pregnancy. I used 2 pillows behind as i feel more comfortable leaning upright to sleep. I also used a pregnancy pillowto hug.

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Play some soothing sounds/music, mattress topper for extra comfort and pregnancy pillow! For me rain sounds in aircon room really work for me

Sleep side ways.. Make yourself comfortable with pillows and bolster. Most important wear loose clothes.

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I think as mothers, our mind don’t rest. It’s normal, i try to rest my mind and watch show and rest.

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Try listening to soothing music, eat a light snack or read a book, take care!

Relax and play some relaxing music maybe can help?

Sleep sideways or get a pregnancy pillow

I drink milk until full to sleep well.

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Which stage of pregnancy are u at?

4y ago

31 weeks

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