We have 2 kids and a helper in our household. Both children (8 months and 2 years) sleep in one room. We face some problems with getting them to sleep. They keep each other awake. Once asleep they sleep through the night, so that is not an issue. Do you have any tips on sleeping schedules for us to make it easier for them to fall asleep?

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For me, I will tuck in one child first, then followed by another child. It is quite hard to just let them to fall asleep alone in the room by themselves. 2 years is still quite young to understand not to make noise and keep herself in the bed. My daugther sleeps at 7pm. Once she sleeps I will let her brother sleeps at 8pm. Both of them wake up at the same timings in the morning.

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You should make the younger baby sleep before the elder one. If there timings will be same, they will obviously take longer to sleep considering the fact that elder one is also just 2 years and he will also vie for your attention while sleeping. So, I suggest the best way is to tuck the younger one half and hour or one hour before you put the elder one to bed.

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