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Best of luck Sarah! If I'm not mistaken, there will be 3 rounds of induce (max) if there is no opening. Usually the first induce pun dh ada bukaan.
Saya kena induce..berserah kpd tuhan sahaja sakitnya..
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Hi mommy, it's actually a good choice during pregnancy. But might as well refer your doc for clarification.
Sy pun feel sama. Tapi baru 33 week ++. Perut dah start mengeras
Once a week is fine i guess.. 😂😂 Coconut is kind of expensive too.. At least 4 me.. 😂😂
Sarah Voon...if u don't mind may I ask u sme? Wat is the benefit of drinking coconut water while pregnancy...even trimester 3rd? Coz im aso in 3rd trimester...but this is my frst baby...im not surely know wat to eat as well!!😅
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I think more than enough
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Yes it is! I've tried it for my second kids, and it's wayyyyyy different than my first kid when I didn't tried it at all!