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Going to induce today
Couldn’t sleep last night. Going to induce labour today at PPUM. First time mum. Any mummies induce before? What was your experience? How long did it take?
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Best of luck Sarah! If I'm not mistaken, there will be 3 rounds of induce (max) if there is no opening. Usually the first induce pun dh ada bukaan.
Saya kena induce..berserah kpd tuhan sahaja sakitnya..
Best baby monitor brand
Mummies, any recommendations?
Should give Xiaomi a try .. 😀
Worried about breastfeeding
First time mummy here. Worried about breastfeeding. How do you ensure you will have colostrum/milk for your baby when they are born?
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Did u get to bf? Forgot to ask.
Hi new mommy! Congratulations first of all... here's a quick read that might help you:
36 weeks - hurts when I roll over in bed
Shifting from right to left/vice versus is such a difficult task. Tends to hurt in my lower abdomen. :( any other mummies face this problem?
Same with me sis.. Kandungan dah masuk 38weeks..
Alucid antacid
Is this antacid safe for pregnancy? Can any doctor verify how come the consistency is similar to coagulated milk?
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Hi mommy, it's actually a good choice during pregnancy. But might as well refer your doc for clarification.
35 weeks - worried I’ll deliver early
Anyone else feel this way?
Sy pun feel sama. Tapi baru 33 week ++. Perut dah start mengeras
Drink coconut 3rd trimester
I drink one coconut a day from 30 weeks. Is this enough/too much?
Once a week is fine i guess.. 😂😂 Coconut is kind of expensive too.. At least 4 me.. 😂😂
Sarah Voon...if u don't mind may I ask u sme? Wat is the benefit of drinking coconut water while pregnancy...even trimester 3rd? Coz im aso in 3rd trimester...but this is my frst not surely
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I think more than enough
Perineal massage
Has anyone tried this? Is it really effective?
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Yes it is! I've tried it for my second kids, and it's wayyyyyy different than my first kid when I didn't tried it at all!
34 weeks - Braxton Hicks
Any mummies out there experiencing the same as me? I only get less than 10 a day but some are more painful than others. Sometimes the contraction is so bad I need to sit down, but sometimes it just fe
Ya i did felt it before..