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Survey: do you all would choose homemade soap ?
I'm very curious, there are a lot of homemade soap in this market. Would you choose to use homemade soap? If yes, why? If not, why?
I need to do My research first if the home made soup is indeed home made and what ingredients were used and how the soup was cooked. Homemade soup will not be mass produced and retains that homemade t
If you know what are the ingredients and you feel safe, why not..I would much prefer use the homemade soap
I would choose a homemade soap as it would have lesser chemicals.
Yeap! And I make them myself so I know exactly what goes into them. You can't turn back after using these though as everything else feels and smell so artificial
Would consider if there are more benefits than commercial soaps? But I doubt it’s very different... if not it’d be expensive
In Law side's members always ask me to stop breastfeeding
Hi all! Honestly, I'm feel super irritating when my in law's side members always ask me to stop breastfeeding. They always said if you don't stop as earliest as you can, your children will super depen
Just ignore them. Do what's the best for your baby!
I had the same issue and I let my husband talk to them. Now they not dare to say these to me.
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Well breastfeed have alot of benefit. I would breastfeed as long as possible
They are so ignorant, ignore them! Breastfeeding has so many health benefits n they ask you to stop 🙄
Aiyo... thats the problem with relatives, they never stop being irritating. Ignore them n walk away, let them know their suggestions can keep themselves
what would you do if this happens to you???
Hi all the daddies and mommies! Please watch the link below, and share what would you do if this happens to you..
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so scary!
Happens alot in China... a kid can sell for hundreds of thousands in rmb
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Oh my god, this is too scary!!😱 Sg may be safer than most countries but we shouldn't take anything for granted.
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Hi... thanks for sharing. We have to be careful 24/7 and teach our children to be aware of strangers
how do you cut your baby's finger nails??
May I know how you usually cut your baby's finger nails? Did you distract your baby?
I bought the nail clipper from peigion brand. Usually i will have a routine where i will only cut her nails every monday after bathing. The routine stick till today and my lo look forward to it.
I just use the nail clipper i use 😅
Buy those nail clippers for babies. Usually i just cut the nails after bathing.. for each of my child up till now i dont need any distractions. They will just willingly volunteer..
I cut her nails while letting her watch YouTube
Using an electric filer for the last 15mths. No accident and can file very short.
SG Birth Certificate
Do you think the size of the birth certificate is a bit over sized especially the width.. I always need to think what to support and cover the birth certificate so that it would be spoil or bend. I w
Isnt it laminated? We got our LO’s birth cert done online and self collect at ICA. They laminated for us.
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Omg, totally agree with you! Gotta buy those pocket files to file it nicely(:
how to deal with 5years old who doesn't want to answer your questions?
Hi, my son (5 years old now). He like to talk! Very talkative sometime. But he will keep quite or silence when you asking him a question. What I means is when I ask a very formal question like do yo
Try to tackle it using another method that will interest him.
Spare the rod, spoils the child
why need to wear sport bras when workout?
Hi mummies! May I know why need to wear sport bras when workout? What is the difference between sport bras and normal bras?
Sports bra provide more support :)
This is to avoid your boobs from sagging
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Better support and is more comfy to wear sports bra compare to normal bra during workout.
Sports bra provide more support
No wire?
would you recommend to have workout before bed?
I'm having workout before bedtime this few days. Just wondering if this timing as good as day time workout?? I mean to lose weight... Well, I still can sleep after workout.
I prefer workout in the morning..
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Yes ... it makes to sleep well
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It's good if get better sleep but workout must be done in the morning.
If it can help you sleep better at night, I don’t see why not
Why not?
what is the best workout or exercise time for working mummy?
Hi, I'm working mother, but it seems I can't figuring when is the best time to workout to lose weight! My time schedule is all about my kids ( 5 years old and 1 year +) May I know yours so that I c
Just stay active and diet, you will lose weight ..... slow but steady 😀
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Try zumba
Take the stairs. Skip the elevator, walk up the stairs is the best exercise for busy working mum
Check if ur company supports exercise at work... then u can exercise during lunch time
Lunch or early morning is the best
15 months old baby refuses to drink formula milk
Hi Everyone, good morning! I'm have been exclusively breastfeeding my baby since his is born. We had started solid food for him after his age allows. Breastmilk is his main milk even after we enrolled
You can introduce fresh milk to LO after 1 year old. My girl was exclusively breastfeeding baby too, and started introduce fresh milk to her when she was 1 year old. Eventually fully on fresh milk wh