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Crying boy for my song ??
Anybody faced it ?? Every time I sing especially before bed for my boy he starts crying , it’s not like loud cry it’s some how like emotionally he feels it n cry .. don’t know, weather I stop singing
Maybe he felt some emotional attachment to the song which brings sad feelings
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I’ve never faced it but if you always put him down after singing, he may associate it as a bedtime cue, which may make him sad? I only sing during the day to my LO, and she always smiles and squeals
Masks ?? With points ?
How abt to get masks for exchanging points ?? What u say guys from Rewards 😉
haha😄 it probably need few hundred points to redeem so not worth it
Haha not a bad idea
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Hopefully if they have the stocks though, it would probably be redeem very fast.
What a good idea!
Good idea
Home based jobs
Pls suggest me any home based jobs, can’t sell anything .. bt do some works like typing filling forms etc bt don’t know how to search kind of jobs, as I am full time home maker n ft mom for a 3.7yrs
Try engaging recruitment companies they might be able to offer home based work
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Do enquire with a job agency, ask them to recommend data entry , simple telemarketing jobs etc
Happy new year
Wishing everyone a very happy n prosperous new year 2020:)
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Happy 2020!
Happy New Year 2020 everyone ! :)
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Happy 2020!
Happy New year!
Hi pls recommend anniversary gift ideas for hubby
Hi dearies pls suggest me good ear pods to gift my partner .. there r mny brands in market bt I am not sure abt brnds.. thanks in advance
There's many choices in Lazada, you can try Blitzwolf ear buds
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B&O eat pod
Abt reward points
Hi , can u pls clarify, the rewards of Asian parent can redeem multiple times or only once with points ??
Review pls kindergarten
Hi pls update me reviews abt Bedok Lutheran church kindergarten school .. thanks in advance
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U can search on kiasu parents forum for past reviews . May have
Suggestions abt different stage formula milk
Hello mommies .. I accidentally bought 6 to 12yrs formula milk instead of stage 4.. n I hv used since 10days n lately I hv realised tht I bought over age formula milk .. My question is : is it ok to u
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Please change...
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Just change now that u have realized...
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I think best to change...
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I would advise to stop. I understand they must drink their own stage for certain nutrients. Furthermore he is sick, if the condition worsen, do go visit docs.
About toddler bad cough
Any home remedies for my 3+yr old hving bad cough.. using syrup given by doc but not cure .. he is unable to sleep as well .. n sometimes becoz of cough he vomiting .. pls put ur suggestions.. thx
try TCM, avoid chicken and cold stuffs, and drink lots of warm water. honey water is good!
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You can try Chinese medicine but do try and go to a certified physician. Also, no cold drinks, sweets or fried food for your child for the time being.
Try warm water with honey?
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Have u tried kitz cough from euyansang? Loads of good reviews
Father’s Day
What’s ur Father’s Day plans ??
Went for a movie
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Hubs is away so we will celebrate next week! Less crowded at restaurants too I guess(:
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No plans!
Dinner that's all, simple
Simple dinner.