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Hi pls recommend anniversary gift ideas for hubby
Hi dearies pls suggest me good ear pods to gift my partner .. there r mny brands in market bt I am not sure abt brnds.. thanks in advance
There's many choices in Lazada, you can try Blitzwolf ear buds
B&O eat pod
Abt reward points
Hi , can u pls clarify, the rewards of Asian parent can redeem multiple times or only once with points ??
Review pls kindergarten
Hi pls update me reviews abt Bedok Lutheran church kindergarten school .. thanks in advance
U can search on kiasu parents forum for past reviews . May have
Suggestions abt different stage formula milk
Hello mommies .. I accidentally bought 6 to 12yrs formula milk instead of stage 4.. n I hv used since 10days n lately I hv realised tht I bought over age formula milk .. My question is : is it ok to u
Please change...
Just change now that u have realized...
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I think best to change...
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I would advise to stop. I understand they must drink their own stage for certain nutrients. Furthermore he is sick, if the condition worsen, do go visit docs.
About toddler bad cough
Any home remedies for my 3+yr old hving bad cough.. using syrup given by doc but not cure .. he is unable to sleep as well .. n sometimes becoz of cough he vomiting .. pls put ur suggestions.. thx
try TCM, avoid chicken and cold stuffs, and drink lots of warm water. honey water is good!
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You can try Chinese medicine but do try and go to a certified physician. Also, no cold drinks, sweets or fried food for your child for the time being.
Try warm water with honey?
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Have u tried kitz cough from euyansang? Loads of good reviews
Father’s Day
What’s ur Father’s Day plans ??
Went for a movie
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Hubs is away so we will celebrate next week! Less crowded at restaurants too I guess(:
No plans!
Dinner that's all, simple
Simple dinner.
How to occupy kids in this June holiday
Hi .. pls suggest how to occupy my 3yr kid on this June holidays .. any suggestions for free courses or lil pay for any activities or enrichment classes ..
This is my question too. Most of the time my boy will be at home, I am at work. He is really bored.
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National gallery and indoor playgrounds! (:
How many mommies experienced .. I too sing only rhymes .. literally forgot all the songs .. ha ha 😎
thumb image
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Hahaha oh no, I think I’m going to do this too
I had it worse! It was baby shark doodoo doo doo doo :'(
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Hahaha this is funny!
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Hahahaah me!!!
Lol! Happens to me all the time!
Vip member color ?
Hello ... I see vip members tags with different colours.. any one knows what each color represents?
I think it’s just the level you’re at. Like bronze, silver, gold, platinum. Each colour represents a different level and no. of points :)
You can check them at "points" !
Just a couple
Why everyone says Happy Married Life but there is no Happiness after marriage.. why to get married why can’t we stay single ... why to have babies n later we feel just to live for them only .. why we
Hey mummy, hugs to you!! Maybe the idea of “happy married life” is what’s been fed to us. Even after marriage, happiness is not guaranteed. It has to be worked hard for. For those who stay single, doe
I think you need a BIG HUG! your's up to you to live and create. you can see it as a huge suffering or look for the many things to be happy and grateful for. create the happiness you're looki
Life is a gift from the Almighty. We are given free will to live it. We can appreciate this gift and be grateful or we can choose to complain and suffer in this life. Happiness can be achieved by a ma
Hey be positive! There’s plenty to be thankful for! If you have food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear and a roof above your head, you are better off than so many ppl out there 😊
Hi dear, Cheer up! Whatever the situation, will be fine.