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Foods to avoid for healthy pregnancy
I know there are many foods we can still eat or drink during pregnancy (in moderation). What are the absolute NO-NOs?
I’m not sure if there’s an absolute no no. But generally fish that are high in mercury, raw foods and alcohol are not recommended. For caffeine, Maggie mee and snacks are just eat in moderation. I Gue
Cakes and chocolates
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Raw food , deli meats unless heated , alcohol, certain herbs ,fishes high in mercury
What foods that i avoid
Common genetic disorders
Hi mums and dads, would like to know if there are any common genetic disorders I should be concerned about when it comes to baby?
Celiac Disease too
Good question. About about 8 million babies worldwide are born with gene-related birth defects. Some of the more common ones include Down Syndrome Thalassemia Heart defects: G6PD deficiency Sickle
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For genetically disorders we can’t do anything.. but should be avoid with the docs concern
Sleep Troubles
I have been struggling with insomnia for a couple of months. It is really hard for me to fall to sleep. But once I sleep it is hard for me to wake up. So any tips on getting to sleep sooner?
Lolx. I have the same exact problem. My hub tried with some relaxing music n lullaby n it works. At tines i would give my palms n feet some massage n that helps too
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I am also same like u , hence I started workouts after 8pm then do light dinner , warm water bath helps me a lot .. u als can try
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Have you ever try use lavender essential oil? I feel it is very good for relaxing and calming... Make sure you get the pure if not if you end up get headache... I could recommend you use dōTerra bran
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Try reading a book before bedtime. Stay away from gadgets , play some soft soothing music and no caffeine after 3pm
keep your mind off any issues that u have. have a clear mind