Just wondering, who always go for staycation, if this happen to you, what should you do? U have a complimentary deluxe suite room with this hotel. The hotel staff make a mistake at 1st and inform there is room, after that reply, it’s a typo and give you another room. And you agree, thought they upgrade you. However, few weeks later, u check and found out it’s downgrade and the room is smaller by half, and price is difference by half. And they didn’t inform it’s a downgrade, so is it our fault for not checking? Or they should inform us in the 1st place?

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For sure should have inform you regarding the change of room allocated to you. For you to realise it when you’ve checked in, means they aren’t responsible enough to inform the guest about this issue, and suggest other options to not make the experience worst

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It's their fault.. Who will expect it to be a downgrade? They must inform beforehand and complement with additional stuffs if they are going to give me a downgraded room. I will surely call/ email the HQ.

Its definitely unprofessional on their side. I would escalate the matter immediately.

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They should inform first. If me, I'll just scold them or do some complaint.

Wah i make huge noise on those mistakes... send email or speaker to the incharge

2y ago

Do u expect any service recovery for any additional things from them to given for wasting your time that you can’t sleep early and asking for help?

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Definitely they should inform us as we r not aware of such things means

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Definitely write a letter of complaint, they should have informed you

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They should inform you. Contact them about it

They should inform. I'll call and complain

They should inform you. Call them up