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I can understand if my family or relatives advice me against travelling during my pregnancy regardless which trimester in. But when I told my mother I was going to do a staycation (babymoon, and I'm in week 26), she wasnt happy about it and told me that anything can happen and said if it's to go 'dating' with my husband, it can wait until after I deliver. I was thrown off. I said it's just to enjoy this time and relax before the baby comes and I wasn't gonna do any dangerous activities. Probably enjoy the hotel room and lounge at the pool. It would be harder to get private and quality time with my husband after delivery. She muttered something and said 'dangerous' (going back to the staycation topic) so I asked "okay if I can't do a staycation, where exactly can I go or do to relax?" "You can visit your parents and your grandparents." I was stunned, got really mad. And walked away because if I stayed I would have started shouting. By the way, my mother lives with me and I see grandparents every 2 - 3 weeks with my father who stays with them. I think if she had her way she'd probably chain me to the bed until I have my baby. Have you ever had this happen to you before?

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Thanks all. It just baffles me sometimes how elders would say anything just to make you do things their way and when you genuinely ask to understand why certain things cant be done, they either say "because I say so / just listen to me" or gives you an illogical answer. Like when I was watching an animal documentary once, and when I was watching a cartoon movie another, my mother said I shouldn't be watching them because my baby will turn out to look like an animal or (ugly) like a cartoon. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 😭😖

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My parents is quite open. So long as I'm not highrisked and well taken care, they are alright. Although they will get worried but that is only limited to flying. For local staycation I did it in June, when I was about 5 months pregnant, my parents are totally fine. And they like it that I get to rest although I still have 3 kids with me hahaha.

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Second trimester you should be stable already there's no reason a relaxing staycation is not OK. I had babymoon during my second trimester also. You also should tell your mother after baby comes out there won't be time to go on vacation and it's so much more difficult to bring a baby along.

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Lol personally I would ignore it. She seems to be equating staycation with dangerous which is illogical and you can't "logic" your way around that. I (and plenty of other women) had a staycation for babymoon and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Err no, I'm in control of my own life, I know my mum is good but I will stil have my own mind n stick to my own decision. I dont really like being told what u can or cant do, as I'm matured enough to make decisions.

Yes and it might get worse when your baby is born. Best to talk to her to get her to understand how you're feeling. You'll really want the quality time with your hubby right now before the baby comes.

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Nope but I can understand your mum. She’s probably worried that you’ll tired yourself out. Just take it with a pinch of salt and keep calm. Breathing in and out helps 🤪

Just go , otherwise you’ll regret not going when your baby is born . I believe your hubby will be taking care of you and your baby’s safety .

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Staycation is fine. I think your mom is probably just over protective and concerned about you(:

Second trimester is more stable, I have been travel to two country during my 20/26weeks