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I'm a first time mummy. A subsidised patient in KKH recently gave birth 3 weeks ago. I am creating this post for the benefit of those that is also a subsidised patient, and whom may have questions about KKH during labour/admission. Bed You can only choose B2 or C ward. No deposit are required. If the selected ward is full, they will transfer you to a higher ward. You will still pay the ward that you initially selected. All are fully paid by medisave, unless your medisave is not enough then you'll be asked to make payment after they sent you the bill via post. Natural/Caesarean If you have opted to give birth naturally, and in cases whereby you have to do an emergency c-sect, you will be charged as c-sect. You won't be charged be both. Visitors In website, they stated that 5 pre-registered visitors allowed. There is a little flexibility. I did not register my visitors, and they just register themselves at counter. only 2 visitors at any one time. Your hubby will not be allowed to stay thru the night even if you're placed at ward A1. Hospital stay Baby will have to stay in room with mummy. you can still ask for nurses' help, they are really helpful! Checking out Nurse will do the necessary explanations before you leave. It will be done at your bed. They will advise when you should go polyclinic to check on newborn (jaundice). You will also be asked to register for Kkh goodie bags. It will be sent to you within 2-4 weeks. That's all for now. You may ask questions and i will try my best to answer, based on my experience. But above all, it's still best to check with the admin staff over at Kkh. :)

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Hi, im a private patient with NUH. But my husband and i think that we may want to have a subsidised package upon delivery. Is it possible??

How is your overall experience? Positive?

2w ago

Im also a kkh subsidy, honestly it was okay. Experience on the nurses and docs are great. the only thing is u have to share ward with others and if you're a light sleeper u might unable to sleep as babies will be crying at night alot.

How was your overall experience with the gynae ?

How is the delivery experience?

Was your appointed doctor the one that went through the labour ward with you when you're giving birth or was it just any available doctor?

1w ago

Ah.. I see. Thanks for sharing!

How much did you fork out? And how long do you stay at kkh? Did the nurse shower the baby for you?

6d ago

my bill was 9k+ fully paid with medisave. Baby will not be showered, but they will wipe baby instead.

Hi! How about a Ltvp mother and PR husband? Do you have any idea about the procedures and costs for normal delivery? Thanks..

2w ago

My friend is citizen and wifey is LTVP. As the 1 of them is citizen, they get charged as resident class. I think for ur situation u will still pay more than us, cos husband is Pr. U can check with the admission office.

why is husbands not allowed to stayover even ward A1?

1w ago

Must've been covid. My friend had A1 ward cos she had to be induced and stayed over for almost a week in Nov '19 and husband could accompany her.

Is the father allowed to stay overnight for private hospitals?

2w ago

Going to deliver soon in TMC & choose single bedded wards. Its chargeable for husband to stay in. Around $80/night if I’m not mistaken.

👍👏thank you for sharing