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Has any mummies bring their LO to try our at heguru before? How did you feel about the classes? And around how much is it?
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I followed my nephew in once as my brother couldn’t make it. I feel that babies at 8 months old are still too young to be attentive. Many of his classmates were just crawling around.
What are the things to bring to overseas
My LO is coming 15 months and we are heading to Japan soon. What are the things that we must bring along?
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Clothes, including jacket, shoes. Bring socks for the hotel room because it can get quite cold. Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb). Wet wipes and diapers. Something that your LO
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You can get diapers at drug store easily there. Selling pamper premium merries etc. Baby food can get from drug store if you need. Bring your own pot to sterilize baby stuff.
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1 year old party
Hi. Is it necessary to return favour for 1 year old birthday party? I know for full month yes but not so sure about 1 year old party
Not a necessary.. We only packed some candies n cookies bags for the kids only.
Redeem reward
Hi. I wish to redeem some items that require address. I had updated my address on my profile yet it kept prompting me to update again and again. Does anyone encounter such problem too?
Can msg the admin
Yes. Same problem with me too
Sippy bottle and straw bottle
Hi all. Can I know what is the difference between Sippy bottle and straw bottle?
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Same same but different