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Remedy to increase Amniotic fluid

Anyone had remedy to increase amniotic fluid?
Drink more water. It does help.

Give in to craving

I have extremely weird craving, i would crave for salad, soft boiled egg and instant noodle. Do you guys give in to your craving?
I also craved soft boiled egg (the Japanese one) and instant noodle so bad! Instant noodle is OK if you eat in moderation, I only allowed myself once in 1 or 2 weeks. Soft boiled egg you may have to w
Yes I would! Even craved for food that I used to dislike..
Eh..don’t think those are bad.
Yes! Have craving for fried chicken and spicy food. and I did eat many times.
I dont have any weird cravings. But i do eat/drink whatever i feel like having at that point.

Need Angbao?

Just check if your friend pass you her baby stuffs, normally would guys give angbao as a token of appreciation?
Nope. But if u see something suitable for her kiddo u can get and give her
Don't have to, I will probably give her a small treat that's all :)
No, not necessary.
I would bake her something lovely to thank her.
I would bring her out for a meal to thank her

Freebies Link

Hi All Mummies, Probably can share what freebies you got from online or signup anything.
Can get freebies from cradle of love.


Hihi, Im currently on my week9 and i have gain 2kg, seem alot to me as I’m overweight before expecting. My BMI is 33.1 Is there mummy here’s facing weight issues during pregnancy?
Hi... please manage your diet and incorporate light exercise such as walking/yoga daily. Over weight pregnant mums have a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia which might e

Panorama Test Vs Harmony&Oscar Test

Hi! Im currently 9 weeks and i just did my check up with KKH. I’m under subsidies patients and I realised the fees isnt that low. I requested for Harmony & Oscar test , as both me and partner used
KKH do offer first trimester screening between about week 11 to 13. Its quite accurate for down syndrome in early trimester. I paid around $200 plus. Once low risk, doc will just tell u dont need to d
Hi... panorama is the leading prenatal screening test. If you decide to go for panorama test, you don’t have to go for Oscar and harmony test. It is cheaper.