Staycation with expressed breastmilk

Hi mummies! I'm at FTM, with 3 month baby and my family is planning to go staycation for 3D2N. Currently I do not latch and do exclusive breast Pumping. So my plan for check in day, to bring my oldest BM to the hotel in cooler bag (with frozen ice packs to keep it cool). Will cont Pumping and give BM during staycation. Problem is the ice packs will not be frozen anymore after 3 days. Any advice on how can I preserve the ice packs on the 3rd day when bringing home the rest of the expressed BM. Unless its fine for BM to be at room temperature when I'm otw home? Appreciate any suggestions! Thank you!

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Super Mum

You can ask hotel to freeze the ice packs overnight? If you bring the bm in a cooler bag it’s still ok unless outside for very long

9mo ago

Hi! You mean it's okay for the ice packs to be in the cooler bag for 3 days if I don't bring them out? How about sterilising milk bottles and breast pump parts?