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Recommendation (Brand)
1. Detergent to wash newborn clothes 2. Soap and Shampoo for newborn 3. Diaper cream 4. Nipple cream
1.Kodomo 2. Pigeon 3. QV Baby 4. Mustella
1. Kodomo 2. Pigeon 3. Mustela
1. Kodomo 2. Cetaphil baby 3 for me is any type is fine 4. Mustela
1. Kodomo 2. Pigeon newborn pure 3. Desitin 4. Mustela
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1. Kodomo 2. Cetaphil baby 3. Drapolene 4. Pigeon
When can I start taking it? :) Current at 31 weeks.
4 wks bfre edd
OK to take now
Recommended 4 weeks before edd
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I drink coconut water during last 2 weeks from week 37
One month before
Car Seat
Any recommendation for car seat?
Graco is best :)
Baby carrier
Brands. Front or back facing. Durability.
ergo baby , pognae ..
I use ergobaby 360. Tula looks softer but no front facing if I’m not wrong.
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I bought ergobaby 360. Can use from infant. Have four different positions that u can change up from...
I used the baby sarong I prefer that more that carrier