Is it true that they will empty our bowels before the labour process starts? Any pain or discomfort for this?

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I delivered at Thomson Medical and I had one of those laxatives before labour (mine was induced and self check-in beforehand so there was time). I don't know how other hospitals do it but the only discomfort was the feeling of wanting to empty bowels and that's fine after going to the toilet :x

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I was given a laxative then a nurse gave me an enema (basically sprayed water up my butt hahah) afterwards just had to pass motion. Totally no pain or discomfort! I did csect though not labour

I'm a FTM but i had a laparoscopy three years ago and before surgery they had given me laxatives to empty my bowels. I've also heard of this being done before labour.

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Yes its true. If u can empty your own it will be good. For me , i empty bowels before my labour . So they didnt give me any pill. And proceed into labour

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Is it a must for it? I didn't receive anything for it. I delivered in kkh though

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Ya. Pill will be given. Dont wanna scare the gynae.. do we?

Yes they will give a pill to clear ur bowels

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Yes it's true. No pain.

Ya. They will give pill