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private preschool
Do you send your LO to private preschool? Mind to share where and the school fees?
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Hi... you might find this article informative
good preschool for reco
Any good preschool for reco? 18 months LO
depends on what you're looking for and whats your budget. i'll say proximity is one of the most imp factor
Consider proximity? As long as curriculum encourages play at this age I think good enough. Talk to the teachers and have a sense of how they care for their pupils.
Hey, I would recommend My First School as my friend's kids go there and they recommend it
My First Skool
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Sparkle tots
Warming up chilled expressed Breast milk
How do you all warm up chilled expressed breast milk and how long do you warm the milk for? I am using Avent bottle warmer, and it claims that it can heat up within 3 mins, but in reality, it definit
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Yup it'll definitely take at least 3mins
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I’m using Tommee Tippee bottle warmer. It takes around 2-3 mins for it to be heat up. I usually heat up when baby is showing early signs of hunger cues ( moving of mouth / clenching of fist)
Too much milk supply
How to n reduce milk supply? Bb is 3 months old...I am pumping... since baby doesnt wasn't too latch that much..
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Reduce pump session s
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U can drag pump session one from another.
Defrosting Freezer
How long does it take to defrost the Farfalla? During defrosting, if we store the Breastmilk at regular freezer, does it change its lifetime storage?
No it shouldnt be. Because breastmilk if were to keep in any freezer it will last till 6 months or more.
maximizing space deep freezer
How to organize the storage milk at the farfalla deep freezer to maximize the space?? Cant seem to organize them...... help!
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Lay flat and use plastic containers?
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Flu vaccination
Can i take flu vaccination if i am breastfeeding?
Definitely, it is ok
Yes, no live virus in the vaccine. And the antibodies that your body produce will also benefit baby through breast milk
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yes, it's safe 👌
Breastfeed duration
Usually how long baby latch on for each breastfeeding session? And frequency?
They'll latch usually about 1-2 hours about 8 times per day
Feng shui Master
Any reco for feng shui master to choose birth date for caesarean? Do let me know the price range as well if u do. Thank u so much!
Feng shui master
Any feng shui master reco for birth date selectionfor caecarean? And may i know the estimated price?
Yun Long zi