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Feng shui Master

Any reco for feng shui master to choose birth date for caesarean? Do let me know the price range as well if u do. Thank u so much!

Feng shui master

Any feng shui master reco for birth date selectionfor caecarean? And may i know the estimated price?
Yun Long zi

Hegen bottle

Anyone can share ur feedback on Hegen bottles?
Heard not bad
Heard good and quiet affordablw.. but was hoping they have nicer color ones.. like black or just clear transparent instead of looking like old fadded bottle milk color
I have been using hegen bottles for more than nine months... So far, it is my most favourable bottle (easy to wash: wide neck, excellent material: PPSU high boiling point & not easy to break & easy to
Heard good
My LO loves it! I like it too because when she’s older, I can use it as her food containers and for now, I find it very easy to clean and transfer frozen EBM into it without any spillage.. :)

Diaper stocks

Any idea how many newborn diapers I should get??
I got a carton but the last pack was getting a little tight. Guess 2 or 3 packs is enough. My baby has always been around 50th percentile as a gauge
Don't have to get too many because they'll outgrow it fast. Perhaps 2 packs is a good number
Have a stock of at least 2 extra pack at home.
As babies grow very fast during the first few weeks don't stock too much. Just 2 extra packs would do. but if you feel your baby is getting a little big for the diaper, have one extra pack of the curr
Believe you can get max 2 pack, they outgrown really fast. By then if baby still can wear NB, you can easier order at Qoo and they deliver over. Advise not to stock.

Newborn hat

Any idea how many should i get??
Don't need so many for sure. I think 1 or 2 is sufficient
I wouldn't recommend getting a hat. I feel in Singapore where it is very humid to begin with, a hat will just make your baby feel warmer.
Actually, a hat is not essential. Read this:
2-3 only. Don’t get too many as babies grow up fast
Try 1 or 2 first. If your baby keep putting them out then you shouldn’t get more but if your baby loves wearing hat you can get as many as you want.

Breastfeeding pillow necessary?

Breastfeeding pillow necessary?
I use normal pillow 😁😁
It depends on mum, but generally this isn't needed although the position will be a little better.
I bought from TMC but only used it for 1 month. They will grow out of it so I feel that it is not worth it to buy. Can just make do with sofa handrest or pillows.
Not necessary. I din use it
It's not necessary for me but depends on individual.

Post partum Massage

Anyone signing up Madam Partum's post massage? Any review/price plan from baby fair?
Check them out at baby fair. Better promotion.
I heard a lot of good reviews of them tho

Caffeine intake

Well mummies.. i am feeling slightly guilty for having caffeine when i am pregnant.. one cup of milk tea on some days when i am craving for it shouldnt be a big issue right?? : D
One cup is totally fine. I still take bubble tea sometimes. Without the boba because the tapioca is very hard to digest
No big issues I guess.. I take 1cup of coffee everyday during my pregnancy
My first child, I have tea every morning n drink bubble tea most of the time. It turn out fine..
I feel the same! Trying to curb my teh tariks to less than three cups a week 😂
Its okay!

Nipple cream

Does nipple cream really helps and necessary?
It could be helpful. But you don’t have to use it all the time, only when necessary. And only apply on the nipple, just a dab is sufficient, and avoid the rest of the area.
I think let it be heal it naturally.. instead using chemical to ur nipple .. I breast milk will heal it ..
I wouldn’t use cos chemicals. Best to use natural ingredients only.
Do you have sore nipples, if so nipple cream can help. Remember to apply only on nipple and not all around the breast.
I bought nipple cream but hardly use it. KKH nurses recommended using breastmilk to heal cracks.

Name for 2019 baby boy

Any good suggestions for baby boy name?
We’re thinking of naming our son Tristan.
Josh, Milo ,Asher, Jasper, Finn.
Noah, otis, ryan
Nothing with Kay/Cay/Fay/Zay for a start.