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Nestlé Nan LF
Has anyone's baby ever been prescribed this (or other LF milk) temporarily by a pediatrician and how long does it take for baby to go back to his regular milk?
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Do check with PD. Most likely have to stick to this formula for up to a year
what milk are you using for your babies/toddlers?
Like to hear your recommendations!
BM + Bellamy's Organic
changing baby's formula at 6 months
My baby will be 6 months in a couple of days. He was previously on Enfamil A+ before he developed diarrhea due to unknown reasons. Pediatrician prescribed lactose free milk (Nestlé Nan brand) temporar
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For milk changes, some babies are not fussy and are happy to make the switch. However, the success rate is higher when there’s a gradual change from one brand to another. You can do this by mixing bot
What brand of formula does your baby (under 1 year old) take?
We are using Enfamil formula for our baby (1 month old) due to breastfeeding and supply (and demand) issues. What do you use?
Daycare or family relative/friend or grandma after going back to work?
What do you think?
U mean who to take care baby? 1st choice is go for someone trusted and willing to take care
for newborn baby that is having difficulty to latch, can I start pumping 5x a time (power pump 2x/day) and slowly increase?
Still feeling tired/dizzy after each pump session and sometimes don't get any yield in a pump session. I've only done it a few days after coming back from hospital and 4-5x per day as I tend to oversl
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Hi... you might find this article informative
Asian mums. Are there newborn sizes or just 0-3?
Buying baby clothes from Lazada/Shopee and noticed they are 0-3 not "newborn" size. Some even 0-6. For those online shoppers did your full term babies fit in the 0-3 at birth or did you need to get ne
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New born grow out fast. Dun sweat abt it.
i had a cup of instant premix coffee and a cup of pudding milk tea today. will baby be ok
I'm 35+4 didn't know Nescafé blend and brew and Taiwan milk tea are high in caffeine so I totaled them up and it said 700mg. Will baby be ok or do I need to rush to L&D to check
Just need to monitor. It should be fine...
which hurts more, episiotomy or csection? contractions, or stitching in vaginal birth?
Just curious. 35+2
Thats something i like to know too
All 3 are options
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I think csection recovery takes a long timeee but i think both csect n episiotomy will be no feeling under epi or GA.. Contractions hurt like a bitch hahaha stitching no feeling la cos i took happydur
Any ways of doing postnatal nutrition (confinement meals) vegetarian?
So my parents are now devout Buddhists and they think it isn't a good idea getting chickens slaughtered etc to use traditional confinement methods, can't buy alcohol etc. My mil has no idea as she is
Can try to Google recipe online?