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Wise words from my Daughter today

Sometimes when I am scared, I tell myself, “don’t need to be afraid”. So true little true :)
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How to tell if your kid is spoilt

Or just a normal whiny three year old (threenager?)
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If you're not bombarded with words like "I want, I want more, gimme gimme, that's mine, get me that, buy me that, don't want to share," then I wouldn't worry. If your kid can be reasoned with after he

I wish I had not seen that...

What is one thing you caught your child doing that you wish you had never seen?
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Almost putting dog’s poo in the mouth omg 😭😭😭


Any feedback on odyssey Bukit Timah?
It’s really expensive. I have a few friends whose kids go to odyssey and the kids are very outspoken and candid - which is a nice change in Singapore

Why do toddlers lie?

My daughter has been telling a lot of lies recently. Small lies. She’s 2 years 10 months. Is this a developmental milestone?
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Either they don't yet have a concept or wrong and right, or they're shrewd enough to see how far they can push you. May be a smart kid! 😁

Medical check up for domestic helper

Is it possible to do the medical check up if the helper has her period?
suggest not to. Especially if required to do urine test.

Recognise alphabets

At what age do kids recognise alphabets?
my daughter could start recognising all alphabets at around 3.5 years

What was the best wedding gift you got?

For the married couples, share - what’s the best wedding gift you got?
his hand written letters

How to get rid of heat rash in kids

My Daughter seems to have a heat rash all over her stomach and chest. She’s 2.5
I will dry the area and use cornstarch powder. Please do monitor the situation. If it gets worse, please bring to see a PD.

What fish is good for kids for acquarium

Thinking of creating a small pond / acquarium at home. Which fish would you recommend (1mx1m tank)
I don't have any specific ones to recommend, but we did have a lot of fishes growing up! I'd say to look into these few things: 1) Fishes that excite/interest your child - bring her to an aquarium/fi