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Replacement helper process
How many weeks can the two helpers overlap according to MoM policies?
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Anyone else feel like this?
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Yes all the time!
Same with everyone here
That's me everyday!!
So true
Food for thought
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Thks for sharinf
So true!
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That's true(:
Totally agree!
One PA CC classes
Do you sign your kids up for any of the one pa cc classes like Basketball, tennis, Badminton, Martial arts, Gymnastics, Akido or art class? Any reviews? Looking for fun stuff to enrol my nearly 4 year
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Can sign up for speech and drama class, the kids love it!
We do gym at the PA
Yes we signed up for ballet.
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Yes Taekwondo below the block, it’s cheap and allow little one to have some fun.
Smartest thing you have witnessed
What’s the smartest thing that you have seen a child do?
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A three year old who could read a magazine from cover to cover
Telling me not to go. It happened a week ago. He's just a 4-month old baby
Difference between rhythmic gymnastics and artistic Gymnastics
Can someone explain the difference and share with schools in singapore offer either?
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We joined the Ayer rajah cc that has gymnastic class every week - it’s about 150 a term - 10 lessons
I would reccomend The Yard Singapore. They do artistic gymnastics for kids. Beautiful gym with very good coaches. Here is the link:
Good reminder on why we need to teach our kids proper words for their private parts
Do you teach your kids to say penis and vagina? Or use cute names for private parts?
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Thanks for sharing Yes it is important!!!
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I tell my Daughter that only girls can wash her or touch her down there - if a boy does it she must be like mulan and haaaaiyak him
Yes and kids must be educated about good/bad touch as early as possible since these type of stories are coming out more often!
Yes! Definitely!
Kids say the darnest things
Mama: when will you stop drinking milk from a bottle shan? Shan: when I am a big girl Mama: I thought you are a big girl Shan: bigger girl Mama: okay, give me a concrete number - how old will you be
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They grow up so fast!
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So adorable...😍
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Which cake?
My daughters birthday is coming soon and she wants a doctor MC stuffin cake. Which of these two design is cuter?
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Thank you all! Ordering the first!
1st one is nicer.
I prefer 1st. Why not you ask for her decision?
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The second pink one is more girlie
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Prefer the 1st photo
Baby won’t sleep
What should I do?
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It’s difficult for your child to sleep when the child having Acid reflux. since they are in pain. Follow your pediatrician’s advice for how to bring your baby comfort. Also You can give sleep trainin
try the shushing app, it helped me
I would sing softly while patting
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I like to play the lullaby song from this App I fell asleep myself lol