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Roshni Mahtani, Indonesia

Founder of theAsianparent

About Roshni Mahtani

Founder of and mum to a little warrior princess.

Recognise alphabets

At what age do kids recognise alphabets?

What was the best wedding gift you got?

For the married couples, share - what’s the best wedding gift you got?
his hand written letters

How to get rid of heat rash in kids

My Daughter seems to have a heat rash all over her stomach and chest. She’s 2.5
I will dry the area and use cornstarch powder. Please do monitor the situation. If it gets worse, please bring to see a PD.

What fish is good for kids for acquarium

Thinking of creating a small pond / acquarium at home. Which fish would you recommend (1mx1m tank)
I don't have any specific ones to recommend, but we did have a lot of fishes growing up! I'd say to look into these few things: 1) Fishes that excite/interest your child - bring her to an aquarium/fi

Wolfgang studio at ue square

Any thoughts? Is it good? Is 3 years too young to enroll?
About the right age to start learning to play the violin - your child needs to do 3 basic things. 1) Coordination - she needs to possess the necessary dexterity to play the violin. I think the child

Burger shack in Singapore!

Omg, I heard burger shack is opening up at jewel Changi Airport!! I can’t wait to have the shack burger, shack cago dog and the crinkle cut fries. Does anyone know when it exactly opens?!
Totally looking forward to Shake Shack!!! And I heard the first Pokemon Centre outside of Japan will be there also. Exciting!

Kids books from across the region

Just read that penguin random house is setting up its south east asia headquarters in Singapore. This is to promote local and international books for kids from the region. Would you actually buy you
If the books have good content (be it for cultural, moral, values etc) and is written in a language we understand without any "doubtful" graphics/words, I definitely would consider!

SG infant care vs Hk

Next time you complain about Singapore infant care not having enough spaces, look at hk! The numbers of places in day crèches for kids under 2 has dropped from 1, 530 in 1995 to just 747! ‼️😯🤭😬
Hk also has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world. But I can't imagine 747 daycares being enough to accommodate their kids!

What are some of your favourite puns?

I love puns. Share you favourite ones here! This is one of mine
thumb image
Sausage puns are the wurst! 😂

Hit back?

Would you advice/ teach your kid to hit back in school if somebody hit them?
no. i will ask my kid to sound out. it is important for them to move away, seek help from adult