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Difference between rhythmic gymnastics and artistic Gymnastics
Can someone explain the difference and share with schools in singapore offer either?
I would reccomend The Yard Singapore. They do artistic gymnastics for kids. Beautiful gym with very good coaches. Here is the link:
Good reminder on why we need to teach our kids proper words for their private parts
Do you teach your kids to say penis and vagina? Or use cute names for private parts?
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Yes and kids must be educated about good/bad touch as early as possible since these type of stories are coming out more often!
Yes! Definitely!
Good to know...
It’s good to know.. we can’t embrace abt to teach our own child for the good cause .. thanks for sharing
Kids say the darnest things
Mama: when will you stop drinking milk from a bottle shan? Shan: when I am a big girl Mama: I thought you are a big girl Shan: bigger girl Mama: okay, give me a concrete number - how old will you be
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Which cake?
My daughters birthday is coming soon and she wants a doctor MC stuffin cake. Which of these two design is cuter?
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Thank you all! Ordering the first!
1st one is nicer.
I prefer 1st. Why not you ask for her decision?
The second pink one is more girlie
Prefer the 1st photo
Baby won’t sleep
What should I do?
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It’s difficult for your child to sleep when the child having Acid reflux. since they are in pain. Follow your pediatrician’s advice for how to bring your baby comfort. Also You can give sleep trainin
try the shushing app, it helped me
I would sing softly while patting
I like to play the lullaby song from this App I fell asleep myself lol
Chinese speaking helper
Where can I hire a Chinese speaking full time helper?
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You can check out maid listings sites such as and . They provide Chinese speaking helpers amongst many other languages.
You mean domestic helper? Not sure if can hire China lady?
Which shopping mall has amusement toys like this?
Thanks! This was at Clementi Mall
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Waterway Point have those Choo Choo train that move around
I Guess I saw saw same one at sports club at Kallang mall ..
Most malls have this. My girl goes crazy at the ones at parkway parade
In fact i see in most malls
Wants a tiger
My daughter just watched Alladin and now she wants to be princess Jasmine and wants a tiger. She has become obsessed about tigers and only wants to read books and hear stories about tigers. Is this no
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It’s cute. Phases children go through
Yup it is haha. She find another movie/show which will get her interest and forget about princess jasmine 😂
It is fine. Don't worry.!;)
It’s a phase, let her enjoy it while it lasts!
Do you let your kids eat Ice cream?
How often?
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Yes... twice a month
Yes! But i would usually encourage the fruity ones :)
Once or twice a month?
Why not. As Long as its not everyday
Not really
How much should a 3 year old eat?
My Daughter can complete this whole meal. Even I can’t! Is that normal?
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It’s in growing stage .. they feel more hungry than usual so let her eat it but allow her eat more healthy food than junk
She is probably going through a growth spurt. She also looks like she's a healthy weight, so no need to worry. My 7 year old son eats more than my husband, so I'm not too surprised haha.
As long as she's not overweight it's fine. My daughter eats ALOT too, more than we adults but so long as she's healthy , eats healthy did, we're fine with it(:
She could be having a higher metabolisn. so she might be burning out food faster.
Yes it’s fine. She definitely does not look overweight 😀.