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Silent Breastpump
Do you know which brand of breastpump is more silent? My medela freestyle is so loud I feel embarrassed to use it sometimes...
Hi, has you heard about the korea brand haenim 7s? It is lightweight, quite, powerful battery life. Is good for putting at home and bringing out. I am selling it with warranty.
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Spectra S1 :)
Have your heard of ardo breastpump? I used that for my 1st baby and my husband doesn't even know I was pumping in the middle of night
Real bubee is silent.
Spectra is good. My infant and 2 yo are able to sleep through my pump
Leaky Boob On One Side
When I feed baby with my right boob, my left boob will always let down a lot of milk. But when I feed on my left, my right boob never leaks. Any mummy has the same condition, is it strange?
don't worry babe, it does happen. can use the Hakka to collect the let down. :)
don't worry babe, it does happen. can use the Hakka to collect the let down. :)
Face Scratching
When did your baby stop scratching their face? My 3 month old still always scratches her face especially behind the ears and around her eyes. I always feel scared that she'd hurt her eyes. Is it just
for me, its about 4 months
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My lo stopped when he was around 6 months
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it is quite common and do look out for the nails and keep it blunt. you can also wear mitten when asleep at night
Mine scratch his ears and eyes when he’s sleepy.
Mine too! I tink it’s common
Favorite Netflix Shows?
Anyone else watches Netflix everyday? I'm still on my maternity leave so always watch Netflix when breastfeeding baby or when I'm free 😛. Do you have some shows to suggest? Some of my favorite are Th
These are the shows that I watched during my maternity leave. Korean drama: Pinocchio, the girl who sees scent, doctors Reality TV shows: Yummy mummies, instant hotel, tidy up with marie kondo Thri
)The empress Ki )old one but good At the moment im watching the )resurrection ERTUGRUL) im soo addicted to this show its about turkish warriors fight enemies the Sultan in exchange for new tribal lan
Peaky Blinders Money Heist Jane the Virgin
Peaky Blinders is by far the best show I’ve watched. The acting, the script, the direction - a piece of art
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Can A 3 Month Old Take Grab With Car seat?
Just now when I took Grab the driver told me babies under 1 year old cannot take private hired vehicles ie Grab, must take normal taxi. I never heard of such law, I thought as long as we have a car se
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FYI, clarified before with grab as long as you bring your own car seat then it is fine.
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With car seat u can take grab. I clarified with grab before.
With Car seat caaaan i have been doing it
Taxi better
Take cab is best
3-month-old Behind On Milestones
Hi all, my baby is 3 months old (2 months old corrected since she was 4 weeks premature). Right now I feel like she's behind on many milestones even for a 2 month old. She can hardly lift her head at
When my son when for his 3rd mth check, he couldnt hold his head, stand and doesnt respond to bell sound. I was told by the doctor to give him more tummy time and try to play with him using toys that
As per the checklist function - when to call your doctor about the milestones.
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Hi. Don’t worry. I had a premature baby too. He slept a lot during the first few months and we’re slower to react. He has a lot of catching up; physical and emotional. Now, he’s an intelligent and tal