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Breast Milk Storage
Is Bottle or milk bags storage better for storing breast milk in fridge? Why?
Have both options available too
If your fridge allow then you can use bottle if not bags really save a lot of space
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Bag saves space, thats the reason for me using bags actually. Bottle is convenient but takes up too much space.
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I think bag save more space but bottle cn reuse
I use milk storage bags, but the thought of it is a 1 time use is quite heart pain because cannot be reuse.
KKH Sub to Private
Anyone knows if I can change from sub to private during admission? Do i still need to choose a gynae? I dont mind any gynae just want to choose A1 ward. Currently 33 weeks pregnant.
Changing sub to private can be discussed specially if done ahead of time. Normally you give birth in the hospital your gynae is affiliated with right? Why do you need to choose another gynae?
You should be able to change from sub to private. But perhaps you can call them up to clarify further.
skin discolouration
I just notice I have a skin discolouration at the back of my legs. Just the back of my legs are darker in colour. Anyone have similar experience?
Pain or contractions?
Hi I am currently 28weeks 3 days. For the past 2 days having sharp pain that doesn't last for more than 5 seconds. Comes about 2-3 times a day usually at night. Should I be worried? How does braxton h
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Last time i feel a sharp pain too near chest, doctor say it’s normal coz bb getting bigger & depends on bb position inside our tummy. If pain really persists, when you go visit your gynae ask her to
Uniqlo Maternity
which uniqlo outlet has maternity section? Thanks in advance.
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Try the one at Somerset 313, it should be their flag ship store
Suntec City Mall
OC and Bugis
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Orchard central
I love the one at OC! its the bestest mummy. try that one
Breastfeeding & Pumping
When your LO is out and you start breastfeeding, do you also have to pump? or just latch on demand no pumping.
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Need to know too!
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If your LO is latching well, there's no need to pump - unless you want to build up a stash :) However, if you do, please always do a small test batch to freeze and defrost for your LO before you start
Yes pumping can help stimulate if milk supply is low.
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I latched on demand when we were out
Pumping is needed if you need to build up a stash of BM, for example, if you're heading back to work and want your baby to get breastmilk. But otherwise, pumping is not needed and nursing on demand wi
Strollers for Newborn
Hi Mummies, Any recommendations on strollers that can be used for newborn onwards. Looking for something that is lightweight, can be closed using 1 hand and that can be used as a travel system in car
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Combi for one hand opening and closing, and lightweight. For travel system wise normally will be heavier hence recommendation would be Bugaboo Bee
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Combi handy 4 is light weight and able to 1 hand close. But it isnt a travel system. Usually travel systems are heavier, if youre intending to get a travel system but isnt lightweight nor 1 hand close
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Suggest to go baby fair, I got mine there. Evenflo.
I like Combi strollers. the are lighter and durable. but bit more expensive
Im doing a spree on this stroller. Usual $599. Baby fair $349. Spree price $299. You can google n check out the features. Basically its cabin stroller with huge basket, one hand closing, can lay flat
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