Gestational Diabetes

For those Mummies with GDM, I’m just curious on what instance that our Dr will determine that one need to be on metformin or insulin when we no longer able to control our sugar level through diet? I heard that when our sugar level spike to above 7 or 8 continuously after meals? Is this true? Is it true also when we are at our last stretch of the pregnancy and the body not able to break down the sugar more efficiently as it was before could be 1 of the factor?

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You’ll be pun on meds if you can’t control your diet to regulate your sugar level.. Know what’s the culprit that’s contributing to the spike. We are GDM (borderline GDM or severe) because our parents are diabetic. Don’t be too hard on yourself coz more often than not, it’s hereditary. Try to watch your diet- Cut/omit these in your diet : instant hot drinks like Milo, 3-in-1 coffee, etc, fried & fast food, full cream milk, maternity milk, etc. then go for a 30mins stroll after every meal to work on the glucose. I’m a borderline GDM, watched my diet, took my weekly glucose readings to check on my sugar, tried to stay as active as possible & so far everything is well. Doc agreed that I don’t need the meds coz I have my readings under control. Baby is still on the chubby side tho..

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I was spiking quite a lot in my pregnancy. My doc was worried i am not eating enuf n suggested me to take insulin almost on every visit which i refused. But i was able to control my intake that time also ah.. occassional spike