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2-for-1 promo!

Is your LO born between August 2017 and May 2018? Busy Tables is having a 2-for-1 promotion for their August sensory playgroups! Usual price $70 but now only at $35 :O Sign up now if you're interested
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Thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing😘
Thanks for sharing


I've created a resource bank for learning through play on Google Drive, it's still work-in-progress but there's already some materials uploaded! I'm charging a *one-time fee of $5* for access to the r
Looks interesting
Example of resources available for sensory bins so far!
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Travelling Budget

To parents who bring your kids overseas to travel as a family, do you save now and enjoy later or enjoy now and save later? If you saved before your trip, how much do you budget in? Just enough for y
Definitely save now enjoy later, will factor in all cost and spend within means. Necessity have to be factor in first like food, accommodation etc. Shopping will be on Budget when I’m there.

Stitch Lanyard Cardholders

BNIP Stitch Lanyard Cardholders 23pcs available in stock Great for childcare birthday goodie bags! Fits all standard card size. 1-10pcs: $1.50 each 11-20pcs: $1.25 each 21pcs and above: $1 each Meet
Looks good.. 👍
Photo of lanyard :)
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Birthday Goodie Bag Idea!

Just sharing an alternative for birthday goodie bags for parents who do not want to give out food items to your LO's friends! Bought the ZooMoov passes during their promotion, it was $38 for 14 passe

Child's CPF Balance

PSA: Link your child's CPF account to yours today! In order to check your child's CPF balance, you have to first link it to your own account - don't wait until you need it because it'll take some tim
Oh I didn’t know about this. Thanks!

My Pregnancy Story

I've been scrolling through the feeds and seeing many posts about people sharing their stories, so I'm here to share mine - it's been featured by TheAsianParent before too, but I hope it'll be a good
nice story! thanks for sharing Jena!
Thanks for sharing this story. It’s so beautiful and you’re such a strong mama. Gordon is so blessed to have you.
Nice story. Thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing♥
Kudos to you girl! Keep your head held high and continue raising your boy the best way you can 😉

Introducing Me: Mummy Jena & Gordon

Hey everyone, just thought I should do a self-introduction as my first post here! My name is Jena, I'm 21 years old this year and a single mother to my little prince, Gordon who'll be turning 2 years
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My birthday wishes to your little one!