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Jena Lxy, Singapore

Single mum, freelancer and blogger!

About Jena Lxy

My Pregnancy Story

I've been scrolling through the feeds and seeing many posts about people sharing their stories, so I'm here to share mine - it's been featured by TheAsianParent before too, but I hope it'll be a good
I’m a single mum too... I’m not as lucky as you to have my family being around me but then I’m Glad I’m working full time and will be able to provide for my child alone.. I do feel I look very ugly

Introducing Me: Mummy Jena & Gordon

Hey everyone, just thought I should do a self-introduction as my first post here! My name is Jena, I'm 21 years old this year and a single mother to my little prince, Gordon who'll be turning 2 years
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My birthday wishes to your little one!