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Children with Special Needs

"Sometimes, real heroes live in the hearts of little children fighting big battles." Children with special needs come into our lives, leaving footprints on our hearts and we are never the same. This December, I'm hosting a party for children with special needs and their parents/caregivers, just to celebrate the superheroes that YOU are! The event is FREE for all guests and everything will be centred around making your child feel comfortable and safe. Children with any and all forms of special needs AND their siblings are welcomed, including but not limited to speech delay, global developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, down syndrome, dyslexia, cerebral palsy etc - as long as your child is: - between 18 months old and 5 years old - able to engage in activities/simple crafts - not afraid of crowds (between 30 to 60 people) - with a parent/caregiver at all times during event Date: 28 December 2019 Time: 11am to 2pm Location: Qiren Organization @ Vision Exchange (5mins walk from Jurong East MRT) I'm also looking for anyone who would like to contribute towards funding this event, it is entirely planned and initiated by myself - for the sole purpose of giving back (this is a private event held in Qiren Organization and NOT affiliated to them in any way). NOTE: This form serves as a way to indicate your interest for the party, more details will be given as soon as I have further confirmation. Final call for anyone who's interested, registration of interest will close on 22nd November, 8pm!

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Birthday Goodie Bag Idea!

Just sharing an alternative for birthday goodie bags for parents who do not want to give out food items to your LO's friends! Bought the ZooMoov passes during their promotion, it was $38 for 14 passes so I bought 28 passes and got 2 free from their lucky spin - total of 30 passes for $76. Got 30 lanyard cardholders from Shopee (China Marketplace) for $22.14, so each set only costs $3.27 to prepare :) I got them for my LO's birthday goodie bags because: 1) I didn't like the idea of giving sweet treats to kids. 2) I wanted something practical that the kids/parents would use, yet unisex and not something they might already have at home. 3) I tried to reduce the amount of waste produced, and though they come in plastic and paper backing (didn't know this before I ordered), it's still better than things like balloons or things the kids will never use I guess? 4) The kids should have an ez-link from around 2-3 years old (as long as above 90cm tall), so they'll need a cardholder to learn how to take care of their own card and things like public transport too. 5) Crayons, colour pencils and stationery may be good IF your LO has a birthday early in the year - my LO is born in September (I know, I prepared real early) so we'd have so many of those by then. 6) ZooMoov passes are usually quite expensive (about $5/5 mins ride) so it's a good experience gift that the kids can have with their parents, who may not spend on such experiences for their kids. 7) They have no expiry or name tagged to it, giving parents the flexibility to give them away/keep them for future use. Just putting an alternative suggestion out there if anyone is frustrated over preparing gifts!

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