Episiotomy (Surgical vagina cut and sewing)

I'm quite nervous and curious about Episiotomy. As a first time mommy to-be, I heard contractions is not only the pain that we have to go through but some need to go through episiotomy if there's a cut. Now the question is does it hurt alot to feel the cut from the doctor throughout the delivery process? Or we will not feel it? It's not that I don't believe my mum but I thought she probably might just want to calm me down by assuring that it's not painful and we will not feel the pain when the doctor gave us the cut while the delivery process as we will focus more with the pain of delivering and pushing. Is that true???? And also before the doctor even stitch up the cut, do they gave any anesthesia or a cream that makes our skin numb on our vagina??? Really hope any mommies that have gone through this experience could help me to get the answer so I won't be too nervous. Thank you and stay safe! ❤️ #1stimemom #pleasehelp #firstbaby #pregnancy #advicepls

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Understand you do not wish to take epidural from the below post.. me too did not want to take that was why i really endured till i couldnt take it which was 7cm. My back was literally felt like its tearing apart! And yes i do feel the after effect of epidural now n then.. sometimes i tink back and feel lucky i took coz i may have fainted at the stitching hahaha.. my gynae is funny coz he purposely show me the tools somemore 😅😅 and i tink coz i took late, i didnt feel anyting when i try to push either 🤭

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take epidural if you are very afraid of the pain. trust me, it will help you have more energy to push and it will be safer for baby. if you are in too much pain might not have strength to push, and it’s dangerous if bb is in birth canal for too long - then might end up in emergency c-sect.

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i’d say it’s an old wives tale. the back pain comes from repetitive and prolonged bad back posture and strain of taking care of a baby! the epi effect only happens very very rarely and most mummies (even my older mummy friends) have gone through it without any major side effects. i also tried to endure without epi and couldn’t do it in the end. end of the day it’s your personal preference.