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Yup we removed Chat group for now as there was quite a bit of spamming going on :)
I was told bf can lose alot of weight. But unfortunately I don't have enough bf for my baby so now he's on formulae. I was kinda depressed about my weight too. Bought every god damn slimming gel I can, even tried slimming coffee after I stopped bf. But till birth to now, I've lost 10kg. Think gradually we'll Al lose weight. Cos we'll lose the water retention. But I eat lesser portions and try to only eat rice or noodles once a day. Hopefully it helps. Drink enough water too! If not will have water retention. Hehe.
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Exercise and food intake
Bf will do the trick
Breastfeeding and exercise
Post partum massage and breastfeeding
Breastfeeding and eat healthily
Breastfeeding will help mums loose weight fast and do simple exercises too
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Breastfeed and eat healthy.
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Yes it’s normal. It will go way after a month or two.
I gave birth 4 months ago and now my hands start to feel numb often before I sleep or lye in my bed...😐 is it normal?
I had it after I gave birth to my baby boy. Was very worried and spoke to doctors about it. Doc told me not to panic, most likely it is carpel tunnel that will subside. Reason this happens is becuase of all of the excess fluids during pregnancy and labor.
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Hi Mummy, if you were wondering if you need to brush (wipe) your baby's gums even before their teeth come out, yes you do need to. A gauze dampened with some water is how I did it. After teeth emerge, here are a few rules you can follow when brushing your LOs teeth: 1. Use a teeny amount of baby toothpaste 2. Use a age appropriate toothbrush 3. Use very gentle strokes 4. As soon as the toothbrush starts to look worn, replace it. 5. Brush twice a day using little circular motions.
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I think my girl could recite her ABCs and 123 some time between 18-20 months. After which she started to say simple sentences with 3 words.
Depends on each child development. My son is 22 months but he can't talk except papa, mama, jiejie, 臭臭.
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Yup, its valid till end of expiry. No picture changes needed
No he doesn't need to change. He can use the passport with the same photo till the next renewal (after his 5th birthday) .
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Yes my Daughter started regressing around 17 months. She's 20 months right now and she still wakes up once or twice a night. Don't have a solution - we just tahan and hope she will grow out of it.
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