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Is this apps already change ? No longer have the chat group ?
Yup we removed Chat group for now as there was quite a bit of spamming going on :)
After birth is there any fast ways to lose all pregnancy weight ?
I will always tell my friends not to rush bcoz we took 9 months to gain the weight.. Definitely need sometime to lose it. Breast feeding is a good way. And also exercise n food u eat plays a part. Too

Maternity clothings sales at Spring maternity

Spring maternity is having a sale.. I got my long maxi dress 2 for $49.90 instead of 1 piece at $49.90... So worth it 😆Comfortable material and good to wear as nursing dress as its so convenient for
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Cool! That's a great deal!
Hi any mummies gave birth and hands or fingers numb ?
I had it after I gave birth to my baby boy. Was very worried and spoke to doctors about it. Doc told me not to panic, most likely it is carpel tunnel that will subside. Reason this happens is becuase
Mummies how do you brush your lo teeth ? Below 2 years old
Hi Mummy, if you were wondering if you need to brush (wipe) your baby's gums even before their teeth come out, yes you do need to. A gauze dampened with some water is how I did it. After teeth emerge,
At what age does your child know how to read A-Z and 1-10 ? And by what age should they start to talk in full sentence ?
I think my girl could recite her ABCs and 123 some time between 18-20 months. After which she started to say simple sentences with 3 words.
hi any parents know whether we should change photo for our lo passport ? His passport photo was taken at about 3 months old for his first trip and now he is going 19 months . So should he change photo
No he doesn't need to change. He can use the passport with the same photo till the next renewal (after his 5th birthday) .

Baby sleep regression

How to handle 18months old baby sleep regression ? Is that normal to happen at such age.
Yes my Daughter started regressing around 17 months. She's 20 months right now and she still wakes up once or twice a night. Don't have a solution - we just tahan and hope she will grow out of it.
Whats the best gift for baby first year birthday?
I buy the silver necklace made From bm for my Daughter. Sorry if you didn't bf. My Son I buy gold necklace for him to keep when grow up
Any difference between first and subsequent pregnancy ?
Yes definitely got different. My first pregnancy was normal except for sciatica nerve pain, bartholin cyst and bad constipation. My 2nd pregnancy, I have regular spotting and cramp and had to bed r