Is there any mummy out there with jaundice newborn? How do you cope with it? How Long before the jaundice goes away?

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Lasted about a month for us. Jaundice is pretty common in newborn.. For us, baby got to come home with us. However during her 1 week check up, her jaundice readings were still high so doctor gave us two options: 1. Admit her in for phototherapy in the hospital. 2. Rent the Biliblanket for 2 days. We went with option 2, as we want her to be home with us, so breastfeeding could be easier as well. What we had to do was to keep her in the blanket for most of the day even when sleeping. It is a portable phototherapy.. Depending on the jaundice levels, doctor will recommend best approach. Dont worry! :)

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3y ago

Yeah! We were surprised too. Tech these days haha...

My now 6mth old girl had to stay one more night at Kkh for phototherapy. After we brought her home, we still need to bring her to poly every 2-3 days for blood test to monitor jaundice level. It lasted for close to a month. In between, we try to suntan her in the morning sun (around 7am and not too hot) every day. We also bathe her in “jingying” flower water. Can be bought at Chinese herb shops. Boil the flowers and then transfer some to bathtub tap water to cool down and then bathe her in it. It helps to some extent.

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Wipe my LO with yellow flower seed and suntan 10mins per day. Result shows good within 3days. Husband's ah ma say so, you know... Lao ren jia... Since wipe no harm. All we want is good for our LO. At first I thought serious I worried and can't sleep.

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Me! It was so terrible as he had to be warded at 2wo cos he was so yellow! It lasted for over 1 month. Had to keep bringing him to sun in the morning (hospital will give you shades to cover babys eyes).

Mine lasted 1 mth. It’s very common. Don’t worry too much. Just have to keep drinking fm or bm to flush away. Jaundice makes baby very sleepy so have to wake them up every 2-3 hrs to feed

My baby have it for almost 1 week plus. Nanny said drink S26 formula and poo it out and it works. Doctor was surprise that the jaudice came down so fast. No suntan needed.

my boys had jaundice for over 1month! had to go back and forth to poly and hosp like every 2/3 days. they will only official 'discharge' the babies once their bilirubin is less than 100.

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Hi I’d like to ask if they did liver test when they still had at 3 weeks?

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Mine cleared within 2weeks. Drank lots of milk (fm or ebm so can gauge amount). Don’t worry it’s common!

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Phototherapy and let the baby drink lots of milk. Bilirubin gets flushed through the baby’s pee and poo.

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Very common, so don't worry. But you may want to bring your baby to the pd for a proper review