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Hi mummies Anyone let your LO try this cereal during 4months
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I like the packaging but no I have not tried this...
No never tried before
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I gave nestle after 6mth
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I offered it to him when he was 4 months old.9
I tried gerber
I'm Lazy
I'm lazy to work... After long maternity. Actually during the maternity leave I don't get to rest only during confinement time. Because after confinement I taking care of my LO myself. Every night is
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Who is taking after your baby after you start working? I am like you... Very lazy to work after maternity.. But who knows, I enjoy working after I went back because I can actually get some break.
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You can try get a part time job...
Donating Items
Facebook page where can I see? for me to donate or see what's other ppl donating
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Blessing for low income-sg
Sincere blessing Singapore_moms only. Just type sincere blessing and a few drop down list will appear
I carry until my LO sleep and I have to really slowly and careful to put him down.
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Child Weight
Share with me your chd weight during 2month old
5.1kg (at 2m5d old today)
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My kid was around 4.8 kilo
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5kg there about
Recognize Parents
Hi mummies wanna know which months baby starts to recognise parents? My LO 2months plus I feel that he start recognizing people. Especially sleeping or nap time, if I stay over my mum place my mum wi
Your heartbeat, your scent, your voice are the first few things your lo recognises. 2mo onwards they start to recognise your face, your smile the feel of you carrying them
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Your baby recognises you very quickly from birth, including your smell, and later, your face (< 2 months)
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Yeah usually when babies are two three months they are able to recognize parents etc
Baby can regconise ur voice :)
Actually they know who are their parents from the start :) are you breastfeeding? Babies can smell milk and it makes them feel safe. Probably that’s why your baby will stop crying when you carry him
Change 2 Hourly Change To 3/4 Hourly
Now my LO drink 90ml 2hourly. How to make it 3 hourly? If I increase 110-120ml but my LO can't finish I still have to feed 2hourly?
How old is your lo?
Wanna use salong for my LO. He keeps want to be carried don't wanna sleep on his bed. Have to carry until drowsy then can put him. Anyone not using salong wanna donate? Let me know I wanna try give hi
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Swaddle and pacifier
After birth bleeding stop around 3weeks. Now going 6 weeks there's abit of bleeding Isit normal?
Heavy bleeding for the first few weeks then turn to bits and bits of bleeding that last till the 8th week for me.
I didn’t have it ... did you ask your gynae?
Yes completely normal. I’m still feeling a bit uneasy somewhere around my abdomen and it’s been 5 months since I gave birth.
Yes! It is normal. Mine lasted abt 7 weeks.
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Yes, it’s normal. Might last for 8 weeks
One Month Infant
You all still wake your LO for milk when sleeping
Nope, only when he needs
Nope , only when he wakes up hungry.
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Nope. Don't need to unless LO have jaundice.
I wait for my baby to wake up to feed him as he was quite regular in his waking up time for feeding
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Nope. I just wait for his cue.