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Wanna use salong for my LO. He keeps want to be carried don't wanna sleep on his bed. Have to carry until drowsy then can put him. Anyone not using salong wanna donate? Let me know I wanna try give hi
Swaddle and pacifier
After birth bleeding stop around 3weeks. Now going 6 weeks there's abit of bleeding Isit normal?
Heavy bleeding for the first few weeks then turn to bits and bits of bleeding that last till the 8th week for me.
I didn’t have it ... did you ask your gynae?
Yes completely normal. I’m still feeling a bit uneasy somewhere around my abdomen and it’s been 5 months since I gave birth.
Yes! It is normal. Mine lasted abt 7 weeks.
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Yes, it’s normal. Might last for 8 weeks
One Month Infant
You all still wake your LO for milk when sleeping
Nope, only when he needs
Nope , only when he wakes up hungry.
Nope. Don't need to unless LO have jaundice.
I wait for my baby to wake up to feed him as he was quite regular in his waking up time for feeding
Nope. I just wait for his cue.
Even I'm not working but My husband do.. Mid night wakeup for LO very tired
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Parenthood isn't easy but it's a wonderful journey. Do get some help if possible, take care!
Yes very very tired. I wake up latch pump 3 to 4 times a night. Life of a mom is not easy at all.
Yeah such is nature of raising our babies. It gets better everyday and every smile and giggles from our LO takes away our tiredness
I feel you. I'm so tired too..
If only hubby can do breastfeeding, then our nights gonna be better 😭
Feel that my LO got phlegm. Any ways to cure it naturally?
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How old is your LO. Please do not self medicate if LO is less than 12 months. Bring your child to see a doctor
New Born To 6 Month Carrier
Any recommend? And share with me the place and price.
Konny, light
Konny! It's very easy to use and light. Till now I'm still using.
Please try Joie Baby
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Baby fair. Mine was i-angel.
How Tired You Are
I know some mummies still on ML For those that start working and midnight have to wake up for LO how you cope?
It would be good if your partner helps out. It is a two person responsibility
Sleep train from one month old onwards. On cranky days, survive on coffee / energizing drink. Sleep early when the baby sleeps, ask daddy to feed the last feed (dreamfeed).
Cosleeping and side latching saved my sanity. Also coffee...
Cmi, really. I'm thankful that my husband is very responsible, he helped me so much at night when my LO cried. I didn't even wake up at all 😂
One Month
Go for 30days or date? Example 10th to the next month of 10th? Or count 30days
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Can go by date
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By dates
By date
By date
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I go by dates
Mulberry Centre
Any mummies put your LO in mulberry centre @ Woodlands?
During Confinement
Hi mummies. Any of you lost appetite during confinement or only eat oats for breakfast and confinement lunch...
Me cos I got so sick of confinement food so I didn't eat alot after 2nd week
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I prefer smaller and more frequent meals during confinement. Too tired to eat a lot
I lost alot of appetite during that period and lost weight too
Try to eat abit so that you can recover.
Nope. Try to eat something for the sake of baby