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Clevamama or Mimosa for flat head? Baby is 9weeks old
Baby health
Did your baby have Long term issues when born? How serious & how do u cope?
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Long term issue such as? I guess its pretty common for children now adays to face. Autism and ADHD. My younger gal has delayed speech n motor skill, but its coping okay.. Just need to semd her for the
Flat head?
Did your lo had a flat head? When (which month) did it resolve and became rounder?
Hi, Please change the head position of the baby while they are asleep
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Keep changing their head position when they sleep.
use comftable pillow
Would u forsake bonus if it’s 3 months away? E.g. wait till aft bonus then resign
Yes, im actually doing that right now. After 4 months of maternity leave, will throw resignation letter when i come back to work serve for another month in the company and thn officially resign.
It really depends on your reason to leave..Else I'll stay first
Not a great idea to leave before you've secured a job.
To be on the safe side, first find a job before you leave.
Best to find a job first.
Flat head
How Long did it take for your baby’s head to be round at the back?
Massage baby's head gently in circular motion while giving bath
Is breastfeeding completely painless when latched right or still feel a little tugging sensation?
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Probably at the beginning when you are not used to it. After that the pain you feel will be sore nipples by over pumping or engorgement. Latch on shouldnt feel pain.
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The first month was always painful for me I think because baby hasn't mastered latching yet. From then on it's really painless just a tugging sensation
Will be painless if properly latch. Sometimes it hurt a little when the baby first latch onto it, but afterwards its just a tugging feeling
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Suppose to be painless
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It’s only a little tugging feeling if latched correctly.
Do your babies get by without pacifiers?
Yes for me.!
Yes My baby!!
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Yes, my kids don’t use paci. My firstborn suck thumb. Second one use paci for 3 months. Third and fourth didn’t use paci
Depends on the baby, my baby was addicted to hehe
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It depends on the baby
Baby growth
How Long will newborn take to be chubby?
Mine starts to become chubby from 2 mths onwards
Depends. Some are born chubby.
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It’s depend. Mine become chubby on 2-3mo
3mo onwards
Depend on individual. My #1 always skinny
Newborn sleep
Carry newborn with his body against mine ( the recommended breastfeeding position). Baby falls asleep with head tilted upwards. Looks uncomfy for baby but he’s sleeping soundly. Do u think it’s an oka
So Long as baby is sound asleep and breathing fine it’s ok
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Yes. It is okie my LO did that too
Hi, Yes it is okay as the baby is able to sleep comfortably
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Yup. To them is comfy.
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Babies are still very flexi at this age so should be fine(:
Breastfeeding can take charcoal pill for diarrhoea?
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No problem it’s safe.
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Yes. It's safe.
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