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New parent? Congrats! You need all the help you can get. So discuss anything and everything related to babies - confinement, feeding, burping, bathing, vaccinations, weaning, and share your experiences.

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Strollers -- Has anyone tried or has any good/bad reviews for bugaboo bee 3? TIA!
are you interested in buying. I have one. comes with a rain cover

how to sell baby items

bugaboo stroller 3
My son who is one year old refuses to eat any fruit. What other food i can give him that have the same nutritional value as fruits ?
so did my girl and son. but i gave then fruit lollies or juice and they love it. another i tried with my 1 yr old. she was introduce avocado at 6mnths and love them till now.
At what age did you start bringing ur LO out, like to the malls, park etc?
3 months, Christmas Day. haha
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Do you bring your baby to wedding or any formal occassion? I just got my bestfriend wedding invitation and have a dilemma whether i bring my 16 month old son or no.
Maybe its up to u.. 😋
What was your baby's first food?
First meal : zero porridge w a small amount of quantity 😬
It is weird that I want to make my baby a goth baby? At what age can I actually give him body piercing and tattoos?
thumb image
Is it necessary??? 🤔
What brand of baby diapers & wipes do you use?
I have tried Huggies, Pampers and Merries for my lo. I still prefer Merries the best.


My baby is 25days old currently my CL is feeding 150ml for per feeding session. Is she overfeeding? When i question her she told me baby cant sleep properly due to hunger if she feeds lesser lol