New parent? Congrats! You need all the help you can get. So discuss anything and everything related to babies - confinement, feeding, burping, bathing, vaccinations, weaning, and share your experiences.

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What brand of baby diapers & wipes do you use?
Merries white for diapers Pure wipes
Pampers &pampers wipes
Huggies dry pants and cherub wipes.
Organic baby wipes. The white and green one.
What high chair did you buy for baby?
Cosatto :)
IKEA!! Am going to get mine there too!
I really.find Ikea high chair easy to maintain and clean. you can simply wash the chair and it is clean again.
We are using Ikea highchair. Reasonable price and easy to use.
How to choose a baby high chair? should I just buy the Ikea high chair?
I bought mine at IKEA
ikea high chair is good. affordable and safe.
i think ikea high chair is good enough. however if u have the budget to spend, u can buy one with a little cushion.
Ikea High Chair is good for us to use and clean .Its affordable and dont take up too much space
i dun need too fancy and just need the basic needs.. so ikea high chair is very afdorable and sturdy..
when did you stop using mitten and botties for our little ones?
After 3m
Mine is after a few days after arriving home :-) I just keep their nails short so they won't scratch themselves. I like it when my baby's hands are free because they can explore more and I can hold th
After 1 month. Its to prevent baby from scratching themselves, but after a while you will want them to explore. Therefore just keep your baby's nails short you dont have to worry about baby hurting th
after 2 month I stop using
I've stopped wearing my bb mittens after 2 months. I still continue with booties and later on socks as bb feet turns cold easily...
What's the right temperature for aircon in a newborn babies room? I hear some people say 18-20, others say 23-25. What temperature do you have your baby sleep in?
We have 28 degrees and we set the air con at 25-26
Between 25-28
If you have a newborn or a very young infant who is dressed in a footed sleepsuit, swaddled or in a sleeping bag, please adjust the temperature down to 18-20C. You may read more here: https://sg.theas
23-25 degrees should be about right for Singapore's climate but I do have friends who found 26/26 degrees better for their children. Key is to ensure that your baby is not too hot or too cold. You
Is it ok to have fan blowing at me during confinement since there is no aircon at home? Must we really also wear long sleeves and pants at home under this hot weather? Appreciate your advice. Thanks.
Ceiling fan no choice bah. But if standing fan, better to let it swing not good to have direct for both mummy and baby.
I didn't believe a lot the confinement, but my personal experience can tell you to DON'T blow directly at you! I had it blowing the other direction and, in my opinion, you don't need long sleeves...
Better not
Not necessarily need to wear long shirt and pants in this ridiculous hot weather. Instead of fan blowing straight continuously, you can let it turn. If you feel the "coldness" or "numbness" with t
How to train baby enjoy stroller? Start giving baby stroller at 9 months old now. She refuse to use. I used to use baby carrier.
Attach some toys for baby to play in stroller
You can try to hang a stroller arch toy so that your baby has something to self entertain when he's in the stroller. Having your stroller front face might be helpful too as you can chat & sing to your
Put toys for her to entertain and every time when u push her out for a stroll, point to something interesting or anything to distract and also can learn new words at the same time!
I give her some toy.. and b4 go out I will tell her.. later we go out must sit stroller if not can't go.. OK..she seem to know and she use it
You can try to use the bamboo stroller seat liner as bamboo material is good, especially for babies. It can help to cool down your baby's body temperature so that she won't be hot and sweaty in the ba
If baby is drinking formula milk in the middle of the night. Do u wipe his mouth after drinking or continue to let LO slp thru?
My baby dislike wiping mouth.
Wipe his mouth
You can let your baby continues sleep through and wipe his mouth twice a day during day time when baby is awake. It's not good to disrupt baby's sleep just to wipe his mouth. Sleep is important for
Yes I would wipe his mouth as prolonged formula milk stains can lead to irritation on baby's skin.
If lo has teeth, then the normal brushing twice a day should be good. I do let my lo drink some water too throughout the day to just rinse off the leftover milk. I think it's actually quite hard to wi
which all laundry detergents are recommended for baby clothes?
Im using tiny buds liquid
All my kids plus I have sensitive skin. I've never bought baby detergent I just don't use dryer sheets. They're the only thing that has ever effected my family, even my husband who doesn't have sensit
I used human nature
nappikleen detergent
I use persil together with comfort (white bottle) softener.
My 16m was down with viral infection previously but has since recovered. However she still has running nose for almost a week Other than this, she is ok overall, eating and playing well. Should I cont
Would you consider using essential oil to help them boost immunity?
You can continue to monitor her. Importantly that her fever is no longer there.It would mean that she is on the road to recovering. If her running nose is still persisting for a month, do bring to t
I would propose continuing to monitor for a couple more days. It is not uncommon for symptoms to last for one to two weeks. If other symptoms develop or if it persists beyond two to three weeks, it ma