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Hi, any recommendations for pants diaper and why?
Sweetbaby diaper.. medyo mahirap hanapin sa store or grocery. I liked it kc dry talaga. Medyo mura pa even bsby wipes nila maganda.Otherwise EQ plus.
Which do you prefer, a stroller or a carrier?
1-12month..carrier 1year above stroller
Should I sign up for 5 days, 7 days, 10'days or 14 days postnatal massage?
The longer is the package the better and easier to see the results. Otherwise, 7 days will be sufficient.
Do you give water to your baby when she has hiccup ? My baby is 3 mo, and in laws keep telling me to give water whenever they are around while PD said its normal for NB to have hiccup till they are 4m

Can you clean baby's ears?

It isn't completely necessary. You can clean your baby's outer ear with a soft wet cloth. Other than that, I've read that it is unnecessary to clean the innter ear.
Do you kiss your kids on the lips? I do that but have received stares from strangers and was wondering if I should stop doing it.
I do, too! And my daughter enjoys the affection! There's no malice in it! They're your kids!
How to train babies eyes?
So simple. Sometime I use my fingers to train my babies eyes, I move my fingers from the right to the left, and repeat, so my baby following my fingers🌸🙌


My son is 4 months old and prefer to play while standing. He dont really like to tummy time. His legs is quite strong now. Is it ok to put him at walker?
I'm not a huge fan of walkers. I feel it's completely unnecessary and could even pose risks to your child. Furthermore, 4 months is a little too early for a walker. Can your baby sit upright yet?
My 1year old loves sitting and playing at the edge of the bed, is she smart enough not to fall off? Or should I make sure she is not at the edge?
This isn't very safe. Of course, it depends on how high the bed is etc. Buy please keep an eye out for her at all times.
Do babies prefer inward or outward facing baby carriers?
both..depends on where are we goin' to