New parent? Congrats! You need all the help you can get. So discuss anything and everything related to babies - confinement, feeding, burping, bathing, vaccinations, weaning, and share your experiences.

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Should I keep the environment for my baby as clean and sterile as possible?
Yes, good to do that but try not to over-do as well such as sterilised everyday, apply a lot of sanitizer, etc
which all laundry detergents are recommended for baby clothes?
Pipper and Little Tree brand

Infant care

Any recommendations for Infant Care near Nex? For some reason, I can only find those for 18months and above.
You can consult your neighborhood community centers. They should be able to advise. Good luck
Any mummies/daddies can advise what kind of thermometer I should get for my newborn?
Digital thermometer po
How many times in the night do you change your baby's diaper?
just 2x only for my6mth baby
Can babies drink cold milk?
nooooo huhu
How do you cure that 2 hour insomnia right after you put your baby back to sleep/ 2am night feed in the middle of the night? *yawn*
I make hot milo @ warn milk..
I understand that there are mummies who give fresh milk to their lo other than fm after weaning them off from bm. What kind of milk do u give your lo? Brands? How old is your lo at that time? So many
Enfalac to enfagrow

Baby and lemon

What age did you introduce baby to lemon? Did he/she like it?
About 8 months, just a taste.. but of course baby didn’t like it hahaha.

First birthday

anyone can share how you celebrate ur LO's 1st birthday? I need some ideas... mind sharing the cost and location for the celebration too? it would b best if able to include photos... :) TIA
I celebrated at a cafe big enough for 40 pax, family and close friends only. The guests just order whatever they want from the menu and then we cut cake and that’s it! It’s hassle-free, cost average