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Night Terror in Babies
Do babies as young as 7 months+ have night terrors? It started just last week and happened every few nights. My LO will all of a sudden cry in the middle of the night and quite hard to console. And he
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Yess sleep regression starts at 6 months! It includes random screaming and wailing while shutting their eyes.
LO Eating Puréed Fresh Peach and Apricot
My girl is 7 months+. She has been eating solids, a combination of rice cereal, fruits, vegetables and salmon since she was 5 months. She has already eaten puréed steamed peach. May I know if I can gi
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After 7 months you can already give soft finger foods like fresh peach, steamed pumpkin, banana etc. It's good to train her motor skills, just always monitor closely when she's eating.
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If they’re soft enough it should be alright:) Pear is also very nice
Childcare in Sembawang
Any good, full-day chid care in Sembawang that you can recommend?
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Other than sparkletots and my first skool, we have visited several others that are quite good: skool4kidz My World Maple bear Smiling star Small wonder
Reviews on Stage 2 Formula Milk: Nature One
My girl is gonna be 6 months old in several days. Although I am still going to continue direct latching her and expressing milk while at work, it is a must that we have standby FM at home. May I know
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I would suggest that you request for samples from popular infant formula brands and buy the brand most suited for your child
Boil or steam?
How to best cook carrot and sweet potato as first food for a baby? Do you steam or boil before mashing? My girl just tried steamed mashed carrot and had rashes all over her body!
Steam is better. Boiling will cause all the nutrients to be lost in the water
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Try apple puree:) carrot allergy is usually with raw carrots (pollen-related).. so it really is unusual. If you want to retry carrot, try again in 2 weeks, and on its own, plus very small amount. Can
Is the carrot related to her allergies Sounds like she has allergies Check pls
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I steam my baby's food.
Steaming is better
How early have you/will you let your baby girl swim? My girl is 5 mos old tomorrow and contemplating on letting her try swimming. Is it too early?
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Go to heated pool if possible. It’s not early to start Swimming at 5mo :)
Can..But I'll bring to a cleaner pool
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It's fiNe but do try and go to a cleaner pool(:
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Nope it's ok
I think should be fine as babies have this natural instinct of easily catching swimming in water
First solids to introduce
My girl is going to start on solids soon. May I know which foods you have first given to your LOs? TIA!
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I started with cerealac brown rice for them to try. Let them take at least 3 days to see if there is any allergies before giving other food. Can give pureed fruits like apples also.
Using fabric conditioner on LO’s clothes
Do you also use fabric conditioner on yours and your baby’s clothes? Which brand do you use for your baby’s? My MIL told my husband not to use conditioners for all our clothes but I insisted coz ours
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Kodomo or Tollyjoy is fine(:
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I gotten the kodomo ones. It comes with detergent and conditioner. Just use it as a set
How do I help my LO pass motion?
My girl is 3.5 months old and still on bm: expressed and direct latch. It’s the first time that she hasn’t passed motion in a day. Though she doesn’t seem to mind, is that ok? Anything I can do to hel
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Try bicycle movement and do tummy time. Actually didn't poo for a few days even for bm baby is normal according to my PD
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since ur baby on bm, change your diet to more fiber, like eat more veggies
Apply yu yee oil on the tummy and slowly massage. It helps
Read that its fine..
Try the bicycle leg movement.