How to cure jaundice for newborn. My NB jaundice rate is 207 and Im super worried 😭 #1stimemom #pleasehelp #firstbaby #health

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Feed baby as per demand. Your nb has to poop & pee for the bilirubin to go. Putting under sun is a myth & does not work. I ever bought the yellow flower thing from tmc to bath my eldest last time but instead of going down, it spiked. I gave birth to my premature nb 2 mths ago & he was 180 & put under phototherapy in NICU & suddenly spiked up to 250 a few days after I brought him home. I fed him as per demand. For premature babies takes longer to go down but for him it was quite fast. Just feed your nb as and when he/she wants.

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Breastfeed as per demand if you are breastfeeding. My baby had prolonged breastmilk jaundice. Only resolved at his 6th week. Tried the yellow powder medicine from TCM and bathing him in some flower from TCM but it was only fluctuating for the first 4 week. Dont lose hope in breastfeeding 💪🏻!


If u r breastfeeding dont take herbs n ginger, feed more and let baby poop out all the bilirubin. Mine took 4 weeks to clear also. Try mix feeding with formula oso helps, cos formula will poop more. Ps: mine didnt do sun bathing cos that period everyday raining and windy.

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Mine was 218 then 334 nothing to worry everything will be fine my baby is now 9 months and super healthy! She hit all the milestones earlier than other child. She roll over at 2.5 months sit up on her own at 4.5 months crawl at 6 months and walk at 9 months

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My baby was in and out of hospital for first 2 weeks of life doctor recommended feed formula but I insist no so I BF all the way and she was fine by her 2nd week of life

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Do more sunbathing this season as it will be hot and sunny. just remember to protect your newborn's eyes with a small towel to prevent hurting it from the sun.

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i heard have to sunbathe at specific time where you can see the blue rays, like 7am kind. if too late sunbathe the rays will be too harmful for baby and possibly dehydrate.

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keep latching . more input = more output. more output = more bilirubin out of body. dont take jamu or ginger until jaundice is clear. dont sun

Shower him/her with this yellow flower. Can be bought at kedai sengsei. Just say for baby jundice. It works

As long there is more input and then output, it will slowly reduce. Dont worry about it.

Breast feed baby as per demand. As long baby poop and pee, will get better day by day.