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Rewards - Grab $5 Voucher
Anyone tried redeeming this and faced an error as per attached image? 🤔
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I hv the same prob. Tap advised to email grab. but received a reply frm grab to use the app help centre instead. 😒 So..quite a ding dong. To date, hv yet to receive help frm grab. 😂 Gt yrs settled?
Check with admin
Thanks ladies. I’ve emailed TAP. Hope to get a response from them soon.
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Do email TAP
Baby skin peeling
My LO is 4.5 mths, and her skin on her body seems to be peeling. Not sure if it’s because it’s dry and need to be moisturized more often during the day? Before this peeling started, it seemed like she
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Oh dear, it doesn't look good. You have to try different brands of moisturiser and find one that suits her skin. Im using cetaphil. Bring her to dr to ask isit normal? Coz its quite red I hope she do
Used aloe Vera or moisturizer cream. For baby is common.
Moisturised after every shower
My girl has senstive skin. Also had rashes on belly and face. Tried multiple lotions but Eucerin Ato Control lotion works best for her. Low in ceramide which may cause redness. Can be applied on face
See the PD
S Procodin Cough Med - Breastfeeding
Any breastfeeding mummies here took S Procodin to relieve night dry cough? My doc is aware that I am breastfeeding and he prescribed me this. However, I am still worried that it might affect my LO. Sh
Should be safe when doctor recommend. Breast milk no need throw
Sophie the Giraffe
Any mummies here give their LO Sophie the Giraffe as a teether? Does yours have a strong rubber smell? I read its safe for LO to chew on it... but just want to hear real examples... We were gifted one
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I got one as a gift and yes it does smell rubbery at first. My #1 never used it but my #2 loved it. Depends on the kid i suppose. I think any teether would do, doesn't have to be this specific.
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I plan to buy one initially but after smell the teether at retail shop I decided to not buy it. Its more of some fragrant+rubbery smell to me which I feel gross.
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Normal teether will do(:
I didn’t get it, I feel it’s too overhype and expensive. Normal teether will do good too.
But be careful that it may get mouldy inside if don't dry thoroughly
Frozen EBM on flight
Hi all, anyone hand-carried frozen EBM on flight before? Can that be done? Or must it be checked in? Thanks for sharing!
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You will need to declare it for inspection at the security checkpoint. 
May seem like a silly question, but when down with mastitis, is it ok to see a normal GP? Or must go back to Gynae?
Either is fine I think. I went to lactation consultant since they can help massage to ease the pain but if you want antibiotic need to see doctor.
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Gp is fine
Ok to see GP. :)
OK to see normal GP
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Yes can go to GP
Husband bonding with baby
Husband keeps saying our LO dont like him, as she would sometimes cry when he feeds her or when he tries to comfort her. How? He also gets very unhappy when people take her away from him when he tries
Jus ask him spend more time w your Lo
I'm so sorry, but what's an LO? 😅
Ask him lovingly to chill. He can only anything when the baby is big enough to share the feelings. At such early stage it’s his assumptions
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Ask your husband up interact more with your LO. There are different phases in parenthood so don't come to a conclusion so soon(:
Hi, It is a normal feeling but try talking to your husband about it and also make your LO spend more time with the father. This will for sure help in increasing the bond
Unclenching fist and opening fingers
When did your baby fully unclench fist and open up all fingers?
2-3 months
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Between 2 to 3 months
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Any breastfeeding mummies drink Kombucha? Do you think it’s ok?
No pls no
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Better to check with your gynae...
Not sure about it. Pls check with your gynae
Not really
Transitioning BM to FM
My baby is currently exclusively on breastmilk. Any advises from mums who transitioned their LO from BM to FM... 1. How did you do it? By starting with one feed fully on FM? 2. At what age did you
Start with one feed of FM and the rest BM, slowly transit Can try from 6mo onwards
I mixed 30ml FM with 70ml BM at first (was recommended by doctor to do this), baby didn't like and refused it, then I lowered to 15ml FM which was ok. It's trial and error since some babies are more p
Start progressively by replacing 1-2 feeds and gradually increase the feeds you replace with FM. LO will reject initially but it’s normal. Subsequently LO won’t want BM anymore as they get used to FM.
Yes. I did it at around 6 months. Starting with one feed of formula milk at first.
Progressive. Aft 1 yr old.