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Postpartum bleeding

Ladies, how long did your postpartum bleeding last? When did it stop?
It lasted for more than a month
Usually will last about 6 weeks. Mine lasted about 8 weeks before it ended.
Hi... This condition can occur up to six weeks following delivery.

Infant hiccups

What do you do if your infant hiccups? Do you just let them be? My MIL insists that I dab water on my LO’s lips to help alleviate the hiccup. But I understand no water for them until 6 months old. Is
O it’s fine you don’t have to do anything ... hiccups are perfectly normal
Just let it be.. It will stop after a few minutes :)
I was told by nurses and doctors that hiccup is normal. Just let it be, the baby's not affected by it. I didn't give water till 6 months too.
Let them drink abit water and dapping abit of water won’t hurt them

Konny baby carrier

Anyone using Konny baby carrier? Do you face backaches when carrying your baby in this? How long could you use this?
Want to know too!

Yu Yee Oil

Any mummies here apply yu yee oil on their LO’s tummy since birth? Or is it safer to use it only when they’re bigger, say 3mo? Let me know please. TIA! :)
I prefer using Inara organics digestif. Less harsh for baby’s skin ◡̈
Yes. We use a little to apply on baby tummy.
both our kids uses it since baby
My 3kids all use yu yee oil. They love it when my inlaw rub on her hands and transfer the warm to their tummy...
Use A lil bit when newborn. Rub on your palm then put on bby tummy. Im still using it till now. My bby 8mths old now

Reasonably priced breastmilk storage bags

Hi mummies, any recommended reasonably priced disposable breastmilk storage bags you know of? I’ve used Avent (approx an avg of 39 cents each) and Lansinoh (approx an avg of 31 cents each pc). Looking
Shopee selling this Real Bubee 30pcs for almost $5, this is the cheapest I ever seen, never tried it before though, u might want to try it
Try Boots brand and Autumnz brand. They are more affordable.

Disposable nursing pads

Hello mummies, what nursing pads do you recommend? I have tried Avent and Lansinoh, but I find the sides of the pads giving me itch and very uncomfortable. Any of you face the same thing and what help
I also find Pigeon good enough for me.
I used Pigeon nursing pad

Tummy time

How early did you start tummy time on your LOs?
Started around 1.5 months old.
1 month old
It's most safe when they can hold their heads up steadily.
I suggest the 2nd week onwards
I started around one week old for my LO. Initially started with a few seconds to a min and slowly increasing the time.

Coping with a newborn

Hi All, i’m a first time mom with an infant. I feel that since my baby’s born - my husband and I have been drifting a little and I have been very emotional too (baby blues?). Not sure if it’s just the
Stay strong mummy! This all shall pass. It’s inevitable to feel this way because now baby is at the focus. But be sure to also spend some time with hubby, and show little acts of concern. That could m
Nothing remains the same after you give birth. Your body has gone through many changes and you will find lots of alien things you are not accustomed to warping your body. There are now three of you. N
I think we will all have to go through this since our focus is on the baby now plus no more private intimate moment when baby is in the middle! Talk to him as much as possible and once in a while, if
Oh yes it’s really different and difficult the first year. You might no longer feel as emotionally connected with your husband now bcos all your focus is on the baby. But that’s completely normal . On
Dear mum, Having these experiences is obvious and there is nothing wrong with it. I think keeping positive outlook, talking to each other about small things and sorting out and really cherishing the s

Confinement - with no aircon at home

Mummies, how do you survive confinement when you have no aircon at home? Do you still abide by wearing long sleeves, long pants & not having any fan blowing? I think in this weather, I’ll get crazy cr
Yep I wore long pants. I did tell myself not to listen to all these old wives tales but sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry!
I wear shorts and sleeveless. Unless I going out, if not I don't cover myself at all
I wear long pants with normal tee. I on the fan though but its not blowing directly at me & i open windows so its not so stuffy in the room.
Lol even with aircon i will wear short sleeve and shorts (my aircon was set to 26 or 27 degs) ..
I totally feel the pain! That's the reason why I chop my hair off! I did my confinement without aircon, but if the weather is really bad I will on the fan and not to face the fan directly on me.

Passing blood clots after postnatal massage

Mummies, any of you past thick blood clot after going for the postnatal massage (jamu)? Apparently it’s normal for the lochia to be heavy flow whenever one does this massage?
Hi... one of the objective of postnatal massages is to purge out blood clots in our body. As such, it’s normal. However, please monitor and if you’re still bleeding heavily, please consult your gyneco
Masseuse tend to say this that’s it’s normal... but i’d monitor if too much blood clots i’ll check back with my gynae...