Baby jaundice

Has any mummies had newborn baby with jaundice more than a week? What did u do to make the jaundice go away other than let them be in sunlight? 😣

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My baby was having jaundice and admitted to the hospital the next day after discharging from hospital. He was then put under phototherapy, reason of his jaundice being high is due to not enough breastmilk and thus dehydrated. So since then I’ve been letting him drink both breastmilk and formula to increase intake. When my baby is hydrated by seeing his pee is getting alot more, changed more diapers per day and showered him with flowers from those chinese medical store, his jaundice went down yesterday and has been on a downwards trend. Honestly, I feel that most importantly is to let baby have plenty of fluids so they can flush them out. I’m on demand feeding, as long as my baby wants I will feed. All the best to us!! I cried so hard when he was under phototherapy, it was so cold that he shivers all night and I can’t carry him. I hope all babies don’t have to go through this!! So heartbreaking 💔

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mine had it for more than two months. there can be a few reasons, eg baby is dehydrated. for my baby, PD speculated it's breastmilk jaundice (there's elements in the milk that increases so) but he said to continue breastfeeding nevertheless and supplement w formula just in case. Main thing is that we want to make sure baby is hydrated and have enough nutrients, and gain weight.

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My baby was premature so his jaundice was high 250 and took a month or two to decrease. PD says it's normal for babies who were born premature to have slow recovery from jaundice. He told me not to put baby in the sunlight as it does not help at all and it's a myth but to just keep feeding my baby to flush out the bilirubin which definitely works!

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My baby girl had jaundice for a month. I showered her a kind of flower i think my husband buy at sinseh shop. The flower will turns the water colour to yellow colour. Using that my baby jaundice clear so fast. And pleaseeee dont put ur baby under the sunlight, its not good. Doctor never recommend all that.

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8mo ago

You boiled the flower on the stove until water turns yellow. Then pour the water on the baby bath tub and add normal temp water and make it like luke warm. Then you bath your baby with the water. Dont use any shampoo or soap. Few days later your bby jaundice will clear in shaa allah :) hope it helps ;)

make sure child drink enough milk, every 3 hours both night time although jaundice make them sleep alot but this is the fast way. my son got jaundice 1 month, keep went up and down, then i decided one week no sleep to fed him, and it's worth

Polyclinic doctor recommend me to keep letting my daughter to pee more so that the jaundice level will drop and please please dont put your son/daughter under the sunlight cause polyclinic doctor dont recommend me to do that

Can go chinese medicAl shop and ask the person for baby jaundice . They will give u like dry flower or something like that to mix with the bath water for baby .

Ensuring that baby drinks, pees and poos enough. Doctors recommended not to let baby suntan due to risk of dehydration.

Go TCM shop ask for a kind of floral to shower baby. Tell the person is for jaundice baby then they will introduce you

Feed them breastmilk as recommended by my gynae. it took my boy 2weeks to rid of jaundice.