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How old was your baby when you bring him/her out on a vacation? Thinking of an overseas trip as a family of 3
7months to INDONESIA
6 months old to Penang and Malacca
After 1 year old is okay
7 months to HK
4 mths

Milk powder/ formula

Currently my newborn is drinking breast milk and formula. She is pooping once every 2 days and I’m thinking of changing milk powder. Any recommendations?
Dumex gold
Newborn hw old?

Gestational diabetes

My baby sugar level is normal and I’m very happy. However, how do I know that I am clear of gestational diabetes after giving birth? How do I check? What’s your experience? :)
Ur doctor will arrange for blood test around 6 to 8 weeks after delivery to check if ur blood glucose level returns to normal or not. Breastfeeding helps to regulate ur blood glucose level too. If wan

Anyone with newborn and how many times do you pump milk a day?

Anyone with newborn and how many times do you pump milk a day?
Pump every 3hrs
For the begining i try to pump every 2 - 3 hrs. Cox supply still low :) usually pump after i feed bb..

Anyone has recommendations for baby photography?

Thinking of bringing my newborn for baby photography. Any recommendations?
Try pictureswithlove?


What temperature is considered fever for baby? Usually how do you bring down the temperature? My baby temp fluctuates at 37 degrees
Hi... you might find this article informative
37+ means considered as fever n u hv to give paracitomol syrup for every 5 to 6 hrs until temperature controls n not coming again ..
Above 37.5. I would paste the kool fever patch for baby. Use a damp cloth to sponge baby's forehead, neck, armpits, inner thighs.
37.5 degrees Celsius (mild fever) and above.. Baby body temperature is higher, at times with hot weather, LO’s temperature can be higher eg 37 degrees Celsius. Sponge LO to cool down his body temperat
More than 37.5 is ever. You can put towel on his head first to help bring down bb temp

Gave birth at Mount E Novena

Hi everyone! Thanks for all your help and advice! I gave birth to a baby girl at Mount E Novena! So happy! Managed to do natural birth with epidural!
Congrats. God bless

Contact lens

Can you wear contact lens when giving birth? Did anyone did that when giving birth? I feel more comfortable with wearing contact lens......
Better not to right?
I think you wont be thinking of wearing contact lenses when the contractions begin.
I dun think that is an issue..
Nothing wrong with wearing them.
I wore my contact lenses when giving birth! I brought the solution + case just in case nurses ask to remove... but nope! Me too more comfortable wearing lenses..

Stretch mark

Any ways to heal the existing stretch marks and prevent new ones from forming? I have generally very thin skin and my tummy is full of stretch marks. I tried bio oil and Palmer cocoa butter and it on
Palmers is not bad
You cant get rid of stretch marks once is there but u can lighten it by applying stretch mark cream or oil. The populate brands are Bio oil, clarins, A'kin Rose hip oil, Palmers To prevent stretch ma
I use rose hip oil.
Just keep moisturized. I had rashes so i was only using Suu Balm and Physiogel
Try mustala