Jaundice newborn

How to reduce jaundice level?

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U buy jaundice flower from chinese medicine shop. Soak it in little water 1-2 hr before baby shower time. The water will turn yellow (like very concentrated). Mix it with warm water and shower baby. The jaundice will reduce fast. I did that for my gal. Some of my friends also did. It's very effective.

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Feed more breast milk, reduce formula milk intake.feeding more breast milk helps the LO pass motion more frequent and reduce jaundice level.Old belief said must not take turmeric because it's yellow and will increase the jaundice level.

Are u breastfeeding ? If yes , you might want to cut down on your ginger intake during confinement first . Once baby is ok , then eat more ginger. What you eat will go to baby tummy.

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Keep ur baby in sun rise n sun set .. n also always switch on the light when baby in room .. light helps to reduce the jaundice levels

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Do some suntanning for the newborn with eyes covered. Around 15 mins per day for a few days to reduce the jaundice level.

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Hi... you might find this article informative https://sg.theasianparent.com/help-my-baby-has-jaundice

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More milk and do stay under the sun for a few mins each day. Please consult the pd too

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We got some herbs from tcm shop to bathe baby. You can check in with them!

Let baby Drink more. Jaundice can be cleared by poo and pee