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Mustela Stretch Marks Cream
Anyone used Mustela Stretch Marks cream before? Any reviews?
Makes me itch
We have tried Mustela but my wife personally prefers using Biolane the most.
I used bio oil too. Seems effective and it's more affordable. :)
Hi, Many of my friends use it and they find very effective and reliable
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Yes it's a reliable brand(:
Gado Gado Card
Anyone knows where to buy gado gado card for helper?
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Hi! Must it be gado gado? My helper uses other call cards, she usually buy from convenient stall. Also when she goes to some mama shop underneath the block to get, she say is cheaper too.
Anyone with helper schedules to share? Detailed ones only. Thanks!
Keen to know as well
When did your LOs stop drinking milk altogether i.e. no BM, fm etc?
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Lo stopped drinking fm at 7(:
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Milk Sweeties
Anyone's lo tried milk sweeties before? Is it considered unhealthy?
Once awhile ok
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Sweets in general are not good for our lo. Do try and avoid if possible (:
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Hi... try not feed your LO with too much sweets
Any bubble tea brand that really helps in boosting milk supply? Do share the flavours too!
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Koi, hazelnut milk tea
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Koi ovaltine with bubble
Most brands are ok but don't drink too much. Milo will help more
Bubble tea is always not a very healthy choice. Maybe you can replace bubble tea with milk or milo?
For me is just Milo or oats helps. Better not drink cold stuff...
Anything that babies could do in Bali?
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I think baby can't do anything at anywhere.. he will just follow you and await you to tell him the environment! You may need to talk more to your baby. If your baby is a toddler now,maybe he can walk
How old is your baby? Regular sightseeing and swimming can be easily done. You can also watch the traditional performances
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There are lot of the things and activities baby can do in Bali like - Bali Safari & Marine Park - Bali Bird Park - Bali Equestrian Centre - Butterfly Park - Monkey Forest - Green School
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Anything that baby could eat while he has HFMD? No cold food pls. TIA!
Anything that is fully cooked. Simple, light and easily disgestable on the stomach. Take care. Rest well😘
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Porridge / soups
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Soups or porridge
Any fun activities for 1.5yo bubs in Bali?
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Hi... lazing by the baby pool
My mil has been helping to take care of my baby while my hub and I work. As she will be leaving us soon, we are wondering how we could possibly cope. Is a helper really necessary? How do those without
Helper is Not necessary in all cases. Though A trained and reliable helper is a big help. In case you can’t get one, day care or relying on family members is the next best choice. Carefully choose the
A trained helper is a life saver
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I guess a helping hand is must if we opt for work .. or else put ur baby in day care ..
Are you worried about who will take care of.baby or housework? Housework, it depends on whether both of you are willing to split the load else get a part time helper?
Hi, It very much depends on the working timings of both of you. Hence I suggest, discuss this with each other, and if both of you are busy and have longer work timings, it is better to have a helper