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Breastfeeding mummies, are you all taking any supplements? if so, what are they? TIA!
Drinking lactating milk like FrisoMum will provide nutrients for you and the baby.

evening primrose oil

is it safe to take evening primrose oil when breastfeeding? if so, what brands do you all recommend?
Yes u can..in fact it increases milk supply and helped blocked ducts for me


any natural remedy for baby's cough?
Have you tried onion syrup?


anyone experienced mastitis before? any good ways to cure it besides taking medication?
Twice mastitis. Dint take any meds. just keep latching my lo and warm compress esp during shower time. Another important thing is to rest as often as possible. More naps works. Drink more water as we


when did u all stop sterilizing baby bottles?
Once he got one year old, I sterilise once a day


when did your babies start walking? any tips to help them start walking earlier? :)
about 11-12 months old

Recommendations on food caterers

Any recommendations on food caterers for 1 yo bday party? Thanks! :)
I tried before Stamford catering, Mum's kitchen, orange clove and few others but so far my preferred choice is this https://lexincatering.com.sg I like the taste of food, suit me the most.

Recommended caterers

Any recommendations on suitable caterers for 1 year old bday party? TIA! :)
Can try Neo Garden! Then for desserts you can try Choz Confectionery, it's quite raved about by celebs as well.

Fun event! (Yay!) ?

Have you all heard of the upcoming Friso Super Playdate happening at Suntec from 12 to 18 Nov? Seems like there's gonna be loads of fun activities for our little ones! There is also a goodie bag worth
Hopefully they can come up of similar events to our LO again.. 😊