New Daddy's Woes!

My wife just gave birth one month ago and I feel like I don't have a life anymore! I want my guys' night out and soccer time with my buddies. Everything is about the baby now. Is this it for me? How do I tell my wife I need some me time without upsetting her?

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U need to understand ur wife have new person at home ur baby always baby take too much time special night tray to help ur wife nd be patient 😉

It's time for you to change and you should accept it. There are different phases of life and fatherhood is the most enjoyable.

Its normal to have time scarcity but you have to take care of the baby also, give some time to yourself you will be fine with new time slots. You can plan things accordingly in talk with your wife to


U don't deserve a family

Hello , it’s very normal that you won’t have your life anymore because this is the life you wanted . I supposed no one forced you into parenthood unless otherwise ? Feel free to let us know if you wer